Learn the Weird Cause of Heartburn That No One's Telling You About and How To Get Rid of It Naturally — So You Can Take Back Your Life!

No doubt about it: GERD, Acid Reflux, and Heartburn suck to deal with... What's even worse than all the pills and pain is what you're not being told about these issues.

There's a MASSIVE LIE that you've been sold. And it's about time you understand what's actually going on in your body... and it's going to sound very weird when you read it.

At this point in your life -- if getting rid of reflux and heartburn is still a burning mystery to you -- then I want to address this emergency... I'm going to ask you 3 critical "First Aid" questions right now:

  1. Do you ever fear that heartburn is a sign of something more serious, and that you might not know when it's coming? If you're worried that there is something wrong with you... then there probably is! And YES your fear is warranted. Your problems with heartburn can lead to more serious problems if you don't address the root cause. If you've had the experience of constantly worrying about this in the back of your mind, how nice would it be to have that worry eliminated forever? Likely very nice, you'll want to read on...
  2. Do you find yourself worrying (or afraid) your stomach will 'act up'? We all know the helpless feeling we get when we eat something we weren't supposed to or seemingly randomly the acid 'act's up'. It often happens when we're out of town... or at a lunch meeting for work... or out having a drink with friends... But did you know the people that naturally took control of their indigestion never get this feeling? One of the best realizations that will come to you after getting this handled is a feeling of joy and confidence eating all kinds of foods again.
  3. Do you get nervous (even terrified) just thinking about stopping your antacid pills? If you find yourself feeling paralyzed, stuck wanting to stop your pills but scared to death of the agonizing pain, then you'll be relieved to know that armed with the right information the process is easier than you think.

Everything You've Been Told To Do About Heartburn Pain is WRONG

In case we haven't met, we're Jordan Reasoner and Steven Wright, the founders of SCDLifestyle.com. We're a couple of nerdy engineers turned "health engineers" who got fed up when modern medicine failed to help us...

7 years ago, we were sick as hell with digestive diseases, and after we turned around our health naturally, we wanted to help others do the same...

And if you've ever struggled with digestive problems, there's a good chance you've seen our company.

In fact, since 2009, we've helped over 147,000 people in 153 different countries around the world do one simple thing: HEAL THEIR GUT.

And right now, there's something we need to get off of our chest, something that's got us extremely upset...

The commonly held belief today is that reflux pain is a sign of too much acid. And that the way to make it go away is to use antacids and PPI's and other acid stopping drugs to lower it.

And when you take these pills and the pain stops for a moment... it only makes sense right?

Well, you're not alone - just look at these facts:

More than 60 million prescriptions for GERD were filled in 2004...

Americans spent $13 billion on acid stopping medications in 2006...

Nexium alone brought in $5.1 billion — making it the second highest selling drug in the world.

But there's A MAJOR PROBLEM no one is talking about...

60 Million Americans experience heartburn at least once a month...

25 Million experience symptoms daily...

60% of the US adult population will experience GERD within a 12-month period, with 20-30% having weekly symptoms...

AND - the diagnosis of GERD increased by 216% between 1998 and 2005...

Think about this for a moment...

If you ask anyone on the street what causes heartburn, they'll say "too much stomach acid."

That's what the TV commercials tell us. That's what most of our Doctors are telling us. And that's what these pharmaceutical companies want us to think.

But clearly this isn't working...

Otherwise these statistics would be going down! And they aren't.

It's not your fault if you have believed that you've been having too much acid... the reality is that the people selling these products and your doctors just haven't kept up with the research!

However the FDA has, PPIs were only approved by the FDA for 8 weeks of use... they were never intended to be prescribed for years (or even decades if you're like most people we've worked with). In fact, the FDA has issued a series of reports cautioning against the prolonged use of these drugs... (234)

In other words -- there's a HUGE GAP between what the scientific research and the FDA say about stomach acid levels and what you've been led to believe from people you "trusted."

The Weird "Counterintuitive" Reason You're Actually Getting That Burning Feeling

Remember that not too long ago almost every human thought the world was flat. And that if you sailed to the edge... you might just fall off the earth!

And then courageous people sailed around the world... and proved it was round.

Well, what if I told you numerous research studies have now shown that stomach acid secretion declines with age. And it does so pretty rapidly.

Stomach acid levels naturally fall very quickly in our 50s, 60s, 70s and especially our 80s.

And if the research says the older we get, the less acid we make...


It's been proven they shouldn't even be making much at all... let alone TOO MUCH.

And sure there may be an outlier or two... but 25 Million People is a majority.

Upon closer examination... something just doesn't add up about this "too much acid" theory.

The Weird Truth That Might Shock You

GERD, acid reflux, and heartburn aren't caused by too much stomach acid... they're actually caused by not having enough stomach acid.

And the people that have success naturally getting rid of heartburn and GERD know this.

And it's also why, as we age, more and more of us end up with these painful problems.

So why do PPIs and over-the-counter antacids make me feel better?

There's no denying that the symptoms of heartburn and GERD are caused by stomach acid coming into the contact with the esophagus. Any little bit of acid in the esophagus is going to create lots of pain. That part of the human body is delicate and just not designed to encounter such a powerful chemical like stomach acid.

And there's no arguing against the fact that eliminating stomach acid with drugs prevents the acid from touching your esophagus.

But here's what you need to know: The small amount of acid getting into your esophagus and causing all that burning, bloating and chest pain is just the SYMPTOM of a deeper issue. It's not the REAL problem.

The real problem is: why is the small seal between your stomach and esophagus being opened up to let this happen???

The Answer: There's pressure building up in your stomach because the acid level is too low pushing open this seal (called the lower esophageal sphincter).

If you want to avoid all of the nasty side effects of PPIs, Antacids and having low stomach acid, then you must solve the problem of this pressure building up...

The Good News: Lowering the pressure can be done naturally and much easier than you think.

You might be wondering... well I've been fine so far... it's not that annoying when I take my acid suppressing pills... why should I care?

Maybe a few of those in our community can help:

The Extremely Dangerous Side Effects Of Lowering Stomach Acid

Remember, the FDA has said it's very dangerous to lower stomach acid for longer than 8 weeks. And here's why...

When you have low stomach acid, you open yourself up to some really scary health problems that you really don't want:

  • Increased Risk of Stomach Cancer and Ulcers
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Nutrient Deficiencies (Iron, Calcium, B12, Folate, Zinc)
  • Increased Risk of IBS and IBD
  • And Increased Risk of Nasty Infections like C. Diff, Cholera, Pneumonia & More!

At first glance this may seem outlandish. But when we begin to examine the role that stomach acid plays in our digestion process, our immune system and reflux, the picture becomes very clear.

The proper level of stomach acid is needed to kill bacteria and other infections we're exposed to daily, if the acid strength is too low then these organisms survive into our small and large intestines where they can easily cause havoc.

Also, stomach acid contains specific enzymes to help break down our food. Antacids and PPIs destroy the ability to actually get the nutrients we need to live like Iron, B12, Calcium and Zinc from our food.

Over time, this lack of nutrients makes us feel sluggish, saps our brain power and contributes to the promotion of other chronic diseases.

And then there's the Cancer thing.

It's very scary to think that PPIs and Antacids might speed up the development of cancer. What makes me mad is that millions of people weren't informed of this scary side effect backed up by researchers...

With many Americans popping acid-suppressing pills like breath mints... I wonder if they might think twice once they knew the risks of this habit.

Fixing Heartburn and Low Stomach Acid Is Not a Mystery Anymore

We've spent years helping people naturally overcome their digestive problems and getting at the root cause of what's causing them. And this is why - right here, right now - I'd like to get down to the top mistake most people make when it comes to getting rid of heartburn...

The #1 Mistake Is: Fighting the Wrong Enemy!

It's not about getting less stomach acid. It's actually about getting more. The real reason you're having heartburn has more to do with your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) malfunctioning because of what's called "intra-abdominal pressure" from gas build up, which forces what little stomach acid you have up into the areas it's not supposed to be, making your life pretty miserable.

Those people that are successful in naturally getting rid of heartburn once and for all know this... and they've figured out how to naturally correct their stomach acid levels.

Let me be clear: correcting the root cause goes way beyond "avoiding spicy food" or "eating more fiber" or any other trick you may have heard of.

It takes a bit of work, but MANY people see dramatic results in the first month when they address their root causes of low stomach acid and this pressure build up.

Depending on your level of damage from years of antacids and other choices you've made, it could take 2 months, 3 months or longer. But, we've seen people fix their issues after being on PPIs for 20 years.

In other words, it's not impossible but there's also not a "trick."

Just good ol' fashioned use of scientific research, clinical medical evidence, and real world trial and error.

We didn't invent it... we just created a process and put together the education you need to do it.

Without addressing the root cause... the deeper problem will keep making your life miserable. Unless you learn how to naturally correct your stomach acid levels, you will go on suffering from the pain, feeling stuck, and be vulnerable to some nasty side effects!

Attend Our "Getting Rid of Heartburn" Presentation To Learn How to Stop The Real Root Cause And Start Living a Life Free From The Burning Pain

I'd like to show you how to naturally get rid of your heartburn - to give you the tools to overcome the mystery of this condition and address the root cause... finally giving you the happy stomach you've always wanted.

During this presentation, you'll learn what it takes to REALLY go back in time and address all the damage from years of taking pills to stop the pain... and how to correct your stomach acid levels... quickly and easily.

Of course, just as importantly, you'll also learn how to get rid of the causes of low stomach acid that got you here in the first place, sabotaging your digestion and triggering the heartburn from the beginning.

But most importantly, we're going to take you through the process of "rest, repair, and reset" to unlock your body's natural ability to heal and digest food normally, so you're not going to experience this all over again in 12 months.

Here are some more powerful things you'll learn in our "Getting Rid of Heartburn" presentation:

  • The 3 steps of "rest, repair, and reset" to unlock your body's natural ability to heal from the damage of years of antacid pills
  • How to break free of the dependence on pills holding you back from life-changing restoration of healthy stomach acid levels
  • The sneaky little root causes that keep your stomach acid low - even after you've stopped the pills - and keep the cycle of heartburn raging
  • What you MUST be avoiding in order for your stomach to heal (or the symptoms will come right back)
  • The step-by-step process we've used to naturally get rid of heartburn and restore normal stomach acid levels (even if they've been on PPIs for 20 years)
  • Why food is critical - and not so critical - for your long-term success in getting rid of heartburn
  • A simple method for cultivating normal stomach acid levels that triggers great digestion... even for some foods you couldn't tolerate before
  • Specific supplements to take - and other ones to avoid - on your road to healing the stomach and fixing your heartburn
  • Why H. pylori, SIBO, hormones, and other root causes could be the REAL reason you're still suffering from heartburn, even though you've done everything else right
  • Plus, much more...

If you're suffering from the constant annoying pain of heartburn, I know this presentation is going to change your life.

I know that it's going to help you become the healthier version of you. And because we want as many people as possible to benefit from this program, we're providing these tickets at a special price..

PLUS, it comes with our 30-day-money-back guarantee...

Which means for less than a meal at a restaurant (that might give you heartburn) you can learn the process by which you can truly free yourself from dependence of acid suppressing pills...

And hopefully avoid all those nasty side effects of low stomach acid, like these people in our community were able to:

What's Included in The 'Getting Rid of Heartburn' Presentation:

  • Recorded Audio Presentation with a Step-By-Step PDF Handout
  • BONUS #1: During the final 30-minutes of the presentation we answered as many PRE-SUBMITTED questions as we could, so you'll have lifetime access to this in-depth Q&A.
  • BONUS #2: You'll receive a complete text transcript of the presentation.
  • BONUS #3: You'll get a very special bonus 1-hour recording of our private audio: "7 Mindsets Every Health Hero Must Have to Be Successful." When you're working hard to naturally overcome health challenges, it's easy to revert back to old ways - the old thinking patterns that got us sick in the first place. It can hold us back from finally getting healthy. This call is going to help you erase those old patterns and replace them with new ones.

Normally $67

Now Just $46

Risk-Free and Fully Guaranteed for 30 Days!

If you're not happy just ask for your money back. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can take your time and decide. We don't want to keep your money if you're not completely satisfied after listening to this presentation.

"SCD Lifestyle is def my number one advisor. I trust you guys the most when it comes to information about improving my health. Thanks for helping me be a successful CEO of my health with the wealth of knowledge that you provide. You guys have never steered me wrong. Thank you"

Jacques Van Der Linde

"Before starting SLG, I was on a PPI, had constipation and continual GERD symptoms. After 3 weeks, I have stopped the PPI, my bowel movements have become more regular, and the GERD symptoms are reduced by 50%. I have more energy and am learning a food plan that fits my body, mind, and spirit."

Karen Tomoff

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