SCD Diet Tips

Family at table

“I’m hungry” may be the most well-known words to any mom or caregiver on the planet. I used to strongly dislike those words. And I do mean strongly.

Chaos, madness, stress, frustration, guilt…

Sound familiar, when trying to cook healthy meals for your whole family?

Before I finally figured out a better way, these words and emotions stuck with me, day in and day out.

And one particular moment sticks out in my mind (of which you might be able to relate to). [click to continue…]



Is it possible to never get glutened when eating out?

Anything is possible and I’ll show you the 100% way near the end of this article, but you may not like it.  

Let’s get clear on one thing first: 99% success is possible… you better believe it. But I have to warn you. If you want this kind of certainty, clarity, and success rate, you have to be willing to dive deep down the rabbit hole with me.

Are you willing?

Okay, great! Let’s go. [click to continue…]



“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” ~Winston Churchill

Ahhh… that moment when you’re standing in the kitchen, staring blankly into the fridge. I often wonder what would happen if an arm suddenly reached out from inside and gave me something to eat. Usually, I end up eating something I shouldn’t.

Oh yes, the struggle with meal planning is real.  

One of the biggest issues I had in the beginning of SCD was figuring out what the heck to eat. I spent so much time in the first year figuring out what to buy, how to cook it, when to cook it, and how to save money… it was exhausting in and of itself.

You might be familiar with this…

Which is why I want to talk about meal planning today – who it’s right for, who it’s not for, and why I currently don’t do it. [click to continue…]



“Watch out! The stove is hot!” my Mom said. I touched it anyways. Burnt my fingers…

Actually it happened a few times.


Am I insane? Am I dumb? Am I a rule-breaking mischief maker?

No. It turns out I just don’t learn well from other people’s mistakes. I don’t know why, but I have to try it for myself. I need to understand it experientially.

I REALLY want to believe you. I REALLY want to take your advice and save myself pain. But it’s not likely to happen. I know I’m not alone either. I have this deep desire to figure it out for myself.

Do We Really Learn From Other People’s Mistakes?

Pause, for a minute, and think about your past. Are you the type of person who can really learn from other people’s mistakes and advice? Or do you end up touching the stove and proving their ideas for yourself?

If you’re like me, you might realize that all those times you’ve hurt yourself, experimented on yourself, and went against the best advice, because deep down you had to… was just natural.

In other words, you being you!

Not wrong, but definitely different. This matters, because I’m about to tell you about a bunch of common mistakes I see people making. Heck, I made most of them.

Some of you will instantly make some changes. And others will resist, thinking you know better. I get it.

What I’d like you to do is just think of these as tests to do in the next few months. Prove me wrong. Prove me right. Either way, if you are experiencing any digestive problems or pains, just don’t NOT try them. [click to continue…]



I had two very important conversations this weekend.

They both went something like this. “I tried Paleo, Low-FODMAP, GAPS, and Gluten-Free. But nothing has worked like this!”

Two new friends I recently met followed our ideas on how to do the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and they’ve never felt better.

It stirred something deep inside me. It reminded me about my pain…  about my struggles and how much testing, tweaking and experience has gone into the work we’ve been doing on this website since 2009.

But as new research is coming out every month about other gut healing diets, I think there’s a fair question that needs answering… Is SCD outdated? [click to continue…]