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We’re looking for a Customer Happiness Engineer to help us support our growing community.

This is a paid contract position you can do from home and would require between 30-40 hours a week.

We’re looking for someone who:

  1. Understands our community. Maybe you, or someone you know, has dealt with health challenges. You have empathy for the sick and a passion for helping others.
  2. Has sweet writing skills! You probably have a background or some experience with writing. Copywriting experience is a definite bonus. This role will primarily be communicating with people through the written word, so this is an important one…
  3. Follows us or has a good understanding of real food diets such as SCD, Paleo, GAPS, Weston A Price, Autoimmune Paleo, etc. giving you the ability to help address customer’s inquiries on more complex issues. Any formal education in this area would be a plus.
  4. Has the ability to manage time and workload efficiently, strong organizational skills, and the ability to prioritize and modify priorities accordingly. This role allows you the flexibility to work from home, but you’ll need to be able to manage yourself well.
  5. Has excellent communication skills and the ability to address customer’s needs and concerns in an empathic and impactful way. You have patience, and the ability to intently listen. Experience in online customer support is not necessary, but would be a bonus.
  6. Has the ability to confirm and identify business and customer needs, challenges, and opportunities in order to develop viable solutions.
  7. Is available to work 30-40 hours a week.
  8. Lives in the United States.
  9. Is “tech savvy” with things like Office, Google Docs, Dropbox, Facebook Groups, email, etc.
  10. Is extremely dependable… not the “This usually doesn’t happen, but it happened again” type.
  11. Doesn’t take things personally, have feelings hurt easily or get offended. Stays objective and likes to always use logic to make decisions – like an engineer 🙂

If you’re the type of person who likes working alone and does not like communicating and interacting with others, then this probably is NOT right for you.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who is passionate about communicating with and supporting a large community of people on a healing journey, then this might be perfect for you! [click to continue…]



Are you wearing an invisible lab coat?

If you’re a health practitioner (or on your way to becoming one), take a second to look down at your outfit right now…  what do you see? Well, you won’t see an invisible lab coat… but you might notice that you’re not as successful as you want to be.

If you’re not overwhelmed with clients beating down your door for help right now, that’s a problem.

Here’s the thing: There are more chronically sick people now than ever; the United States CDC reports that about HALF of adults (117 Million people) have at least 1 chronic disease.

If you include things like IBS, PMS and all the other unrecognized medical conditions by the CDC, the number is likely higher.

There’s plenty of sick people to help, so why aren’t you dealing with the problem of “too many clients” instead of not enough?

Simply put, you’re wearing an invisible lab coat that most health practitioners are “born with” when they start helping people…

Why The Invisible Lab Coat?

Here’s the problem: all these sick people across the world are seeking help from experts like you and they’re not getting it…

Why aren’t these people getting the help they need?

It’s simple…

All those sick people in the world, the one’s actively looking for help…

The ones who desperately need you…

They can’t find you.

They’re searching for you…

They know they need your help…

But they can’t find you.

In fact, we surveyed 4,000 health coaches and practitioners and they shared that same problem with their current practice…

Everyone said their #1 frustration was “Getting Clients and Marketing.”

We affectionately call it wearing the “Invisible Lab Coat”… [click to continue…]

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Have you ever asked an engineer for directions? It can be an excruciatingly painful experience. Many times, you’ll end up confused… staring at a napkin with a map of the whole city.

Instead, today I promise we’ll follow what’s called “The Law of Parsimony” (which basically states: the simplest answer is usually the best answer).

So, while engineers are famous for over-thinking things (we do it all the time), today it’s all about proven, old-school, simple ideas that will change your life (and the world) if followed.

It’s time to create your dream life of service and success.

There’s never been a better time for you to take your personal health journey, licenses and/or certifications and begin to serve the world – in a big way!

We rarely talk about the business of health, but we also know that when we first started it really helped us to see how other people did it and learned how to follow them. It helped us believe it was possible and showed us the steps forward when even getting the first sale seemed impossible.

Today, let us show you why…

  1. If you’ve got a license, certification or are working towards one, do you think you could get someone on the phone and give them free value for 15 minutes? I think you can and should.
  2. Do you think you could turn the same 15-minute conversation into 30 paying clients per month? Once you get the fundamentals and some practice, this is much easier than it seems.
  3. Do you think you could be making over $20,000 a month consulting with people, helping them restore their health and doing it from home? To get to this point is actually simple: follow in the steps of people who’ve done it.

[click to continue…]



Many of you have asked for more “behind the scenes” details about how we were able to turn our passion for health into a full-time career over the last 6 years.

This week, we’re going to pull back the curtain and share details about how we got to where we are today… starting with one of the pivotal decisions that allowed us to FINALLY quit our jobs.

It was January 2013… and two broke kids from Michigan decided to start an unusual health consulting experiment.

The days leading up to this moment were nerve-racking. They were scared, tired, and weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do, I’m curious what you would have done?

Here are the facts:

  • Their blog and online business was a full-time commitment, but wasn’t making enough money to pay the bills. They were working day jobs as engineers, still broke, and drowning in debt.
  • Their talented and experienced business coach told them it was a STUPID idea to start a health consulting practice and they were sure to fail.
  • They didn’t have any formal medical licenses or credentials… and while they had taken specialized health training courses, they figured no one would listen.
  • But… they got emails every day asking them to work 1-on-1 with sick people who they felt they could help.
  • However, they were already exhausted, working two full-time jobs and concerned that the consulting practice would be job number 3, overworking them and making them sick again.

The options were simple:

  1. Keep struggling to build an online product based business, even though they hadn’t made any real money in the first 3 years
  2. Shut down the blog, stop helping people, and resign to their 9-5 day jobs as engineers, where they were often unable to affect change and were just another number.
  3. Launch an unusual health consulting experiment. What’s unusual about it? They weren’t doctors. They weren’t New York Times best-selling authors. They were just two “health engineers” who beat their chronic illness and wanted to help others do the same and they knew, in their hearts, people needed them.

Based on the facts, what would you have done?

Lucky for us, we chose option 3. But there’s something you didn’t know…

Before we took the leap, we needed to hear 6 words. [click to continue…]



My heart was pounding… I was so excited. And then in one glance at the screen, it was all gone.

I was pissed.

There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up to a class and realizing that you already knew everything.

Unless you show up and the content being taught isn’t even what you signed up for (not cool).

This has happened to me way too many times…

Which is why I need to talk to you today. See, it’s January. It’s a new year. It’s a fresh start. It’s the year of taking action… and it’s Thursday. (I know, who cares about Thursday but I happen to like them.)

Jordan and I have been discussing our goals, dreams and plans for 2015. And it would be silly if we didn’t ask you specifically what we could help you with.

Please take 3 minutes to let us know here:

But WHY?

“Why would I take time to do this for you?” [click to continue…]