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Imagine it’s a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining, there’s a little breeze to keep you cool, not a cloud in the sky, and you’re… sitting on the toilet.

Yep, another summer day and you’re trapped in the bathroom with diarrhea or constipation.

Summer is for enjoying the outdoors, barbecuing, and sipping a cold drink – not for suffering on the toilet.

But whether you can’t go or can’t stop going, you likely have one issue in common: dehydration.

And more time in the bathroom isn’t the only side effect of dehydration. Being dehydrated impacts every aspect of your life.

At work…

  • You might have a hard time concentrating
  • You might head to the vending machine at 2 PM (when you’re actually thirsty, not hungry!)
  • Your legs might feel restless
  • When you stand up at the end of the day, you might feel dizzy or lightheaded

At home…

  • You might be too fatigued to play with your kids
  • If you try to workout, you’ll find you get tired more quickly than usual
  • If you make it through that workout, you’ll be sore for days
  • You can sit on the couch all night – not just because you’re tired but because you never need to get up to go to the bathroom
  • You wake up in the night with charley horse cramps

And if you don’t address these signs of dehydration early on, you can experience severe reactions like heat stroke, seizures, and even comas.

If you want to support your body in healing, and feel amazing, you have to get and stay hydrated.

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If you’re a busy person (like me), then the thought of cooking after a long day of work is a daunting task to say the least. I’m not going to sugar coat it (no pun intended), cooking big meals takes some time… especially when you first start out on switching over to whole foods diets like SCD, Paleo or WAPF.

Most people don’t realize that “cooking” is actually 4 skills…

  • Shopping
  • Prep and kitchen skills
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning and plating the food

It’s one of the reasons why beginner cooks can feel very overwhelmed. I know that it took me many months to really start to grasp these different areas.

When I was first starting, I had food spoiling on me, half of my food would be cold by the time I got the rest ready and I struggled to cook more than two things at once. Luckily, as long as you give yourself some grace and keep trying, the skills will develop.

I promise!

Brent is one of our amazing team members, and he’s really talented in the kitchen.  I asked him to come up with a diverse meal that didn’t demand a bunch of fresh ingredients.

He delivered with this delicious meal. Not to mention, he detailed it so that you can see step-by-step how he worked around the kitchen to make sure everything was ready to eat at the same time. If you’ve never eaten Endive… you are missing out, trust me.

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Thai Fish Cakes

If you’re familiar with any of our her other recipes (like this one), then you’ll know that Angela (from likes to create new and exciting dishes.  Well, she’s back at it and has come up with yet another unique one this time around.  The cool thing about it is the choice for the main ingredient (fish) is totally up to you.  As long as it’s boneless, you’re good to go.

So, let your creative juices flow and play around with the versatility of this fun and delicious recipe.  If you can tolerate them, you can really spice the cakes up with some freshly chopped peppers.

REMEMBER: If you don’t tolerate certain ingredients, such as the spices, or haven’t graduated to be able to eat sweet potatoes yet, please don’t let that deter you.  We always encourage you to create your custom diet… and so we know that publishing any recipe won’t work for everyone.  Take this as a blueprint and create your own custom version of it with spices and other ingredients you can tolerate.

[Enter Angela]

These fish cakes are simply divine!  Have fun mixing these up in the kitchen.

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Okay… so I mean you won’t actually want to die, because then you could never eat this again (which you will want to). But seriously these pork chops are going to knock your socks off.

This recipe came about because it’s springtime and I wanted to add more fruit into my life as it comes back into season. (And it’s what was on sale at the market.)

These pork chops pair great with a side dish of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or kale. (At least those are the sides I’ve made with them.) I’m sure they will taste great next to any costar you choose.

Jordan and I are in the thick of preparing the Solving Leaky Gut course for the public and these chops hit the spot at the end of a long day.

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 Close-up of Banana Carob "Un-oreos"

Before we get to the yummy dessert in front of us… I need to tell you this is not “SCD Legal” due to the Carob Powder. If you’re on a Paleo type diet or you’ve already healed quite a bit, this recipe is for you.  If not, please don’t ignore the recipe.  Instead, think about something you do tolerate that can go in its place 🙂

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s party!  (My kids are going to love this one from our friend Angela.)

[Enter Angela]

I think that you’ll love this cute and easy dessert that is nut-free and chocolate-free. It is really simple to make, too!

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