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We’re all human… and part of being human in today’s world we live in means CRAVINGS.

And with cravings comes falling off the wagon…

And with falling off the wagon comes flare ups and setbacks…

It’s a slippery slope of shame and feeling sorry for ourselves.

And I know because I deal with cravings too.  In this video, I share the specific foods that bring me to my knees and exact steps I use to beat cravings before they spiral out of control.

I cover everything from my “state change” exercise to the root cause of cravings that Functional Medicine testing and supplementation can really help resolve.

If you’re human… and you’re struggling with cravings, this video is an open, honest conversation about what to do about them from someone who’s been fighting the same battle for the last 7 years.




What do you do when the symptoms come raging back?

When that panic rips through your chest and it feels like everything you’ve been working for is all for nothing?

What do you do when that happens and how do you get yourself back to feeling good?

If you’ve ever had a terrible setback, you know how intense and emotionally derailing they can be.

Sometimes, a huge setback can even cause people to give up…

In this video, I cover the 3-step “Emergency Reset Protocol” I used to reset my body after a wicked setback. This is the same protocol we’ve been sharing over the years that restores your hope when it feels like you’re back to square one.

Once you watch this video, use these additional resources to take back control of your health:

Leave a comment and let me know your setback tools that have worked for you in the past.

In good health,

– Jordan


Remember why you startedMaybe today just isn’t your day. Maybe you’re feeling beat up, like life’s just giving you more than you can handle.

Maybe today you’re feeling like giving up…

If so, I’ve got your back. I’ve been there. And I’m not going to let you quit today.

Today, I’ve collected 5 of the most emotional, inspirational, and moving videos I’ve ever shot.

Today, I’m giving you a dose of inspiration to keep going another day.

Always remember: those people that succeed are not better than you, or smarter than you, or luckier than you. The only reason they’re successful is because they just never gave up. Today… remember that you’re not going to give up… and watch these videos.

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2015 is the year of “Taking Action.”

We’re going to be with you each step of the way this year… helping you take specific action steps to get symptom-free and beat chronic illness.

Learning more information and researching is great, but action is what creates long lasting health. That’s why this year is all about taking the actions that create health in your life.

And part of that is discovering the “Seeds of Your Health Success” – the small elements, actions and conditions that you can put in place that add up to health in the long run.

These Seeds Of Health Success, when planted and nurtured, lead to massive success in beating chronic illness. It’s a powerful principle we learned from one of our mentors over the years and I think it’s one of the most powerful messages to kick off 2015.


Let’s kick this year off right together. We’re in this together. We’ve got your back.

Start today by watching this video all about your “Seeds of Health Success” and leave a comment, letting us know the specific seed you’re going to plant in your life right now.

I’m so grateful to support you. Thank you for being a part of this community.

– Jordan


There’s something inside you right now… something that makes you special…

And it might surprise you to know that it’s also the #1 thing you NEED to get healthy.

(It’s almost like a superpower you didn’t know you had.)

Over the years, I’ve seen this superpower inside each person that eventually got healthy, and it seems to be the most important thing that separates those people who overcome chronic illness and those people that don’t.

In this video, I explain this “superpower” in detail, how to use it the RIGHT WAY, and why I think it’s the most important thing you can do right now to get healthy. [click to continue…]