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Let’s say you’re bobbing in the ocean. Struggling to Breathe. Unable to catch your breath. Right now the most important thing in your life is air.

Suddenly, a hand reaches out and pulls you into a boat.

You can catch your breath. You are safe. You can relax. The pain is gone.

When we’re in pain, our brains are wired to make it stop no matter what, which is why taking an acid suppressing drug like a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) feels like a breath of fresh air for someone suffering with heartburn.

But it can be a double-edged sword…

Did you know that recent research suggests that 50% of all of the 13.5 Billion dollars in PPI sales were unnecessary? And the worst part is, what if these unnecessary drugs used to treat your immediate pain were also causing long-term adverse effects on your health?

I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I promise it’s not science fiction. It’s really happening.

Getting Rid of Heartburn Is Such a Relief

Heartburn is a problem that 60% of adults in the US suffer with each year. And the TV ads, doctors, and friends tell us the solution is to pop acid suppressing pills like PPIs.

In 2009, as a country we spent 13.5 Billion dollars on these drugs.

Why? Because living with heartburn sucks. It makes eating unenjoyable, it ruins dates, it stops our work and it’s the last thing we want to feel after a hard day…

So when we’re offered a quick fix, approved from our doctors, it’s human nature to take it.

However, the heartburn and GERD problem isn’t being solved… these PPIs are just giving us temporary relief. [click to continue…]


3 Healing Case Studies

One of my favorite questions we get (and have been getting for years) basically comes down to this: “When am I going to get better?

I love this question. Mostly because when I was sick 7 years ago I spent endless hours trolling Google trying to find the answer myself. So I’m going to share some of the writing I’ve done about this before… because I could reply back with any number of cliché inspirational sayings we have, like:

  • “It took a long time to get sick and it takes a long time to get better”
  • “This healing process is a marathon, not a sprint – you’re doing great!”
  • “Everyone has a custom diet that works for them… you just have to keep testing until you find yours”

Each of these reassuring clichés is completely true, but what I love about it is: it means you’ve already taken action and started changing your diet/supplements/etc. You’ve already accomplished the most difficult part of taking control of your health by overcoming thoughts in your head like “What if it doesn’t work for me?” or “I don’t have time to cook all this food.

Starting the diet is not only the first step, but it’s the most important one. And it usually means you’re finally on the way to unlocking your body’s natural ability to heal.

So, When Will You Get Better?

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Blackboard and 'Plan - Do - Check - Act' concept

One of the most common questions we get from people every day is about being “stuck” on their diet.

They’ve changed their diet to improve their stomach problems, and maybe they feel a little better, but they still don’t feel as good as they should.

Whether the diet is SCD, GAPS, Paleo, or WAPF…

Their emails typically go something like this:

“Hey Jordan and Steve, 40 days ago I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet using your book and at first I felt amazing! I finally had my first formed stool in years, but since the first week or so I’m still getting horrible stomach pain and bloating after meals and I still have loose stools 3-4 times a day. The diet doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’m only eating beef, pureed carrots, chicken soup, applesauce, and winter squash. I’m going insane eating like this! Can you help?”

Can you relate to this email?

Do you feel like the diet isn’t working for you anymore?

Are you frustrated because you’re only eating a few foods and still not feeling better? Do you feel “stuck” and ready to give up?

If so, there are 5 primary troubleshooting tips that could help you get “unstuck” and feeling like the diet is working again.

Troubleshooting is all about becoming your own “Health Engineer” and beginning to test and tweak your way out of this to get control of your symptoms. Troubleshooting is the difference between those people that heal and those people that never get better.

These are some of our best troubleshooting tips to get you started. [click to continue…]



Digestive disease is an epidemic…

It’s estimated that over 64 Million People in the US are affected by digestive disease…

  • 600,000 have Crohn’s Disease
  • 1,000,000 have Ulcerative Colitis
  • 3,000,000 have Celiac Disease
  • 60 Million have IBS

What’s worse? It’s expensive! Based on 2004 data that’s beginning to get outdated, the burden of digestive disease costs $141.8 billion annually.

It’s absolutely frightening so many of us are dealing with these types of stomach problems, and what’s worse? Hiding them because poop is a taboo topic in today’s world.

Steve and I were both are part of these statistics… and we personally feel like we’re no longer a part of it. I’m no longer suffering from the symptoms of Digestive Disease. And that’s what this community is all about: lowering these digestive disease statistics…

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably part of these statistics.
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This is a picture of my annual re-testing regimen. It includes an array of the best quality blood testing, urine testing, saliva testing, and stool testing… OH MY!

This year, it set me back another $2,057.


Here’s the breakdown of my annual re-testing regimen:

  1. Metametrix #2205 Stool Test
  2. Metametrix #0091 Organic Acids Urine Test
  3. BioHealth #205 Functional Adrenal Stress Profile Saliva Test
  4. BioHealth #401H GI Pathogen Screen Stool Test
  5. Dr. Kalish’s Mind Mapping Brain Chemistry Testing (Urine)
  6. A LabCorp Comprehensive Blood Test Panel

Why spend so much on testing… especially when I feel better than ever?

Because I’m committed to completely reversing my chronic illness, no matter what it takes… no matter what the cost.

I take my annual checkup very seriously. It’s how I monitor my healing journey. It’s how I make sure the problems I’ve already overcome aren’t rearing their ugly head again. And it’s how I learn even more from my Functional Medicine mentors about reversing chronic illness…

Not only that, but ultimately, it’s how I uncover the deeper root causes of my disease.

Because Overcoming Chronic Illness is Like Peeling Back the Layers of an Onion

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