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It’s rare for me to meet practitioners who “Get it” – who have gone as deep as I have in the rabbit holes of food, gut health and overall body health.

It’s even more rare for these people to be educators…

Which is why I’m really excited to introduce you to a friend of mine, Andrea Nakayama. We’ve grown closer over the last year and it’s time for you to learn from her wisdom.

This post is for patients and practitioners alike and speaks to a problem that I’m seeing very frequently these days.

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If, as you likely know by now, you are 90% bacteria and 10% human, just who (or what) are you feeding when you sit down to your morning meal?

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The real secret sauce of how I got healthy has a story behind it. It’s the honest truth about a magic pill that helped me heal my gut…

Don’t worry, it’s not a supplement or a special berry found in the rain forest.

And it’s probably not what you think.

It was 2008, and I was crying in a bathroom stall at work again. My boss was calling me on the Walkie Talkie, angry that I wasn’t helping troubleshoot a critical machine breakdown in the plant. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was stuck on the toilet with Diarrhea again. He was tired of hearing it.

My job was in jeopardy because of my digestive problems.

The next morning I called Steve…  it was one of my lowest moments. He picked me up off the floor and dusted me off. We were going to beat this thing. We were going to Google until we found a way. I believed him… for some reason I knew he was right. Eventually, a stool test confirmed I had a parasite causing my cyclical diarrhea. Another breakthrough in my health. Without Steve there to support me, I probably would have given up.

There’s been so many times I’ve wanted to give up and just BE SICK… but in some way, shape, or form, my community always saved me. I’m humbled more and more with this simple truth:

I wouldn’t be healthy, and for that matter, I might not be alive today, if it wasn’t for the community that got me through it all.

Now we’re here together as part of this amazing community… going through this crazy healing journey with others who know what it’s like.

So today, I have some inspiration from members of this community to share with you… inspiration meant to motivate you to keep going another day – to keep working hard on your health… and more importantly, I have stories to give you hope – stories to show you that if you don’t give up, you CAN beat this sickness that’s got you down.
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This little bacteria…

It infects more than 50% of the world’s population.

Flip a coin and that’s the probability you have it living inside your GI tract right now.

But is it hurting you? Or maybe, just maybe, the infection is helping you…

There’s evidence linking this infection to ulcers and stomach cancer. But then again, there’s evidence it may play an important role in your immune system and gut flora.

This is the controversy of H. pylori.

And this is what we’re going to dive into in this article.

How Two Hardcore Scientists Discovered H. Pylori

H. pylori is a bacteria. It’s full name is Helicobacter pylori.

It was unknown until two hardcore scientists discovered it in 1982.

See, back then it was commonly believed that stomach ulcers were just a byproduct of stress. But these two Australian scientists, Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, didn’t believe that.

Marshall and Warren discovered a bacteria (H. pylori) and decided to take biopsies of patients with stomach ulcers and gastritis. They formulated the hypothesis that H. pylori was actually the cause of such G.I. disorders.

The problem was that they needed a way to prove it. Unable to run trials on mice (H. pylori can’t infect mice) and unable to get approval for human studies… Marshall infected himself with H. pylori and, after developing precursory ulcer symptoms, biopsied his stomach and found the suspected culprit. He proceeded to treat himself with antibiotics to get rid of the infection and made a full recovery.

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Our human brains LOVE to jump to conclusions. It just seems so natural that if we put food into our mouths and chew it that that food will be “digested.” It will feed us the micro and macro nutrients we need… right?

Not exactly.

Meet Annie, a friend of mine. We were talking recently and she told me that a few years ago she was struggling with low energy and brain fog. As a professional and active woman, this was really causing her a lot of unhappiness.

And the doctors she was seeing at the time offered zero help.

She was deep in the research trying to get herself better, when she realized she might have a protein problem — despite eating a diet full of healthy meats and vegetables.

She wondered, “How could that be possible?”

Soon, she discovered something surprising… something that didn’t make logical sense, but she was at her wits end and ready to try anything.

She read about Hypochlorhydria or low stomach acid (I actually wrote about it here)… and it was then that she realized it was possible she might not be digesting the meat she was eating.

She said she immediately started supplementing with Betaine HCL… and that was the day everything changed.

She told me she soon had energy that had been missing for years. It was like night and day.

Annie, who’s name I’ve changed, isn’t alone. Her story is one that I’ve heard over and over.

Even If You Eat Meat, Your Body Could Be Starving for Protein

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That sharp, burning pain… it shoots through your chest… it rises up your throat.

Is it Cancer? A heart attack? Nope, it’s heartburn.

Acid reflux and heartburn are an extremely common problem, 60% of adults in the U.S. will suffer this year alone. I used to be part of that statistic, I used to have that nasty taste in my mouth and constant burning in my throat.

I struggled for years with these pains. They always seemed to strike at the most inopportune times like right before job interviews, at family dinners, and on dates.

So, naturally the first thing I wanted is relief. But what kind… the natural, non-toxic kind? The prescription drug kind? The over-the-counter kind?

I don’t know if you can relate but I hated carrying Tums in my car, having them in my desk drawer and my medicine cabinet. And the last thing I wanted was to be stuck on PPIs.

So, I researched, tested and started using the following 4 very safe and natural methods. However, I think it’s worth mentioning why they actually work. I find that most people I talk with actually need to know WHY things work, before they actually stick to using them. [click to continue…]