Autoimmune Disease

How A Healthy Gut Can Heal Ulcerative Colitis

The connection between our physical and mental state is strong – so strong that experts actually classified Ulcerative Colitis as a psychosomatic disease in the 1930’s.

It’s the reason those with Ulcerative Colitis are twice as likely to suffer from depression and what makes stress one of the top triggers for a flare.

For so many with Ulcerative Colitis, this connection results in a vicious cycle that often resembles something like this:

Stressful event –> UC Flare –> Depression/anxiety –> Flare becomes worse –>
Increased depression/anxiety –> 
Inability to perform daily tasks and manage flare

And if you’re thinking these mental and physical symptoms have to be treated separately, we have good news for you.

The microbiome in the gut has just as much to do with depression as it does the painful cramps and diarrhea that come with UC.

Read on, as we dive into all the details of Ulcerative Colitis and walk you through how to overcome the mental and physical symptoms of this disabling condition (without medication or surgery). [click to continue…]


Gut Health and Crohn's Disease

The physical complications of Crohn’s disease alone are enough to make it one of the most disabling digestive diseases.

But there’s also the mental and emotional piece that allows Crohn’s to completely destroy lives.

Anxiety, depression, the inability to have a social life or travel… the list goes on.

Those with Crohn’s disease are 2 times more likely to suffer from anxiety. And that number is rising.

But here’s the thing – you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to treat the mental and physical symptoms separately.

Our microbiome has just as much to do with our emotional state as it does with the gas, cramping and bloating that come along with Crohn’s.

Read on, as we dive into all the details of Crohn’s disease and walk you through how to overcome this disabling condition (without medication or surgery). [click to continue…]


Is the root cause of your IBS-D Microscopic Colitis?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a desperate search for the nearest bathroom or wondered how you were going to make it through the next 15 minutes, you know just how awful diarrhea can be.

I once knew this feeling all too well… and millions of others are still experiencing it.

It wasn’t until I addressed the root causes of my diarrhea (Celiac disease and gut infections), that the diarrhea finally stopped.

In other words, finding the root cause is key. (And this is where conventional wisdom tends to fail.)

If you’re still searching for the answer… the fix… that one thing that will make the diarrhea stop, Microscopic Colitis (MC) is one possible root cause you shouldn’t overlook.

This on-the-rise condition has a strong correlation to PPIs and NSAIDs, and the most common symptoms are chronic diarrhea, cramping and bloating

And with MC being detected twice as often as it was just a decade earlier, we urge you to educate yourself on this topic and ultimately rule it in or out.

You can do that here, as we dive into how MC is diagnosed, what triggers it, how the gut is connected and much more. [click to continue…]


Sjogren's Syndrome

I have what?

Aside from being hard to pronounce, Sjögren’s syndrome is an autoimmune condition whose unpredictable nature makes it difficult to diagnose and manage.

Those who actually receive a timely diagnosis are often left feeling scared and confused, as they try and grasp what it really means to live with a seemingly mysterious disease.

Unfortunately, many believe they have no other choice than to go down the rabbit hole of lifelong medications with unrelenting side effects.

You may wonder if other options even exist….

They DO.

If you’re looking for a different option but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place.

Read on, as we dive into what contributing factors ignite this disease, what role the gut plays in turning it on, what you can do to overcome Sjögren’s naturally and much more. [click to continue…]


Multiple Sclerosis and the Leaky Gut Connection

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common neurological disease in the world.

But whether it’s you, a friend, or a family member getting the diagnosis – it is absolutely terrifying.

Even though it is the most common neurological disease, it presents differently in every person, the triggers remain largely unknown, and drug treatments work for some people and fail for others.

When you get an MS diagnosis, you can feel like your health (and your life) is suddenly out of your control.

But the truth is, even with a disease like multiple sclerosis, you can take back control.

Over the last decade, research on MS has expanded from simply looking for drug treatments to include gut health and the role it plays in not only developing MS but overcoming it as well.

Several studies have identified gut dysbiosis (imbalance of bacteria in the digestive tract) as a major player in developing MS – something we wouldn’t have dreamed of just 10 years ago.

If you’ve been told that drugs are the only answer or find it hard to believe the gut has anything to do with your autoimmune condition, this article is for you. [click to continue…]