Brent Kovacs


I’m a strong believer that things in life, however you want to define them, happen for us instead of to us.

But it can be hard to keep this in perspective when you’re in the midst of dealing with chronic illness. The “Why me’s?” might even start to creep in.

A lot of your focus and energy is spent on how to make the pain and suffering go away… and you begin to wonder if you’re ever going to feel “normal” again. And there are only so many setbacks you think you can endure.

But it’s simply amazing what you can do when you make your mind up isn’t it?

And that’s why I’m so excited to share Derek’s story with you today, as his mom, Kathy, graciously emailed us.

It’s a shining example of choosing health… and deciding to have that “never-give-up” mindset Jordan and Steve talk about so much throughout the blog.

As Kathy chronicles for you, unfortunately Derek had become another victim of the current medical system… on a downward health spiral of misdiagnoses and medications…

And while some of the pieces of the puzzle were beginning to show up, the setbacks and disappointments were beginning to take their toll. [click to continue…]



“Fire Cider is like a large bear on a cold winter night – A large bear that mauls what ails you!” – Shire City Herbals

It was right after Christmas… and I started to feel off.

You know how it starts – a slightly sore throat, low energy, achy muscles… I decided it was time to ramp up my preventative care, similar to Steve’s Natural Cold and Flu protocol.

So, that’s what I did.

On top of that, I pulled out other common tools, including herbal teas, raw honey, supplements and essential oils.

However, it didn’t seem to matter what I threw at this thing… none of it was helping this time.

It just got away from me and…

Whatever It Was Hit Me Like a Freight Train

I developed full-blown body aches, started sneezing my head off, and my nose began to run like a faucet.

As Sunday unfolded, I became lightheaded and dizzy, weak and hurting all over, and my brain was beyond fuzzy…

I knew I needed my rest, but there’s only so much laying around on the couch watching Netflix one can take, and I knew I needed to do something different or risk getting worse.

I decided a trip to the local health store was in order… [click to continue…]