Toxic Food and Skincare Products with Freda Mooncotch (Podcast 53)

by Jordan Reasoner

Imagine walking into a gym and the personal trainer’s like, “OK, welcome to the gym. If you’re serious about this, lay down and bench press 200 pounds for 10 reps.”

“Ummm, dude I think you’re getting ahead of yourself.”

This health stuff isn’t all that different. At first, removing sugar and grains seemed impossible. Life without spaghetti and pizza?

But after making some progress, the rabbit hole starts to get deeper and deeper. It’s like getting 3-6 months into the gym routine and those 200 pounds seem closer and closer.

Cut to the elusive ‘lifestyle’ part of getting healthy. In the beginning, it was the last thing on my mind. The only thing I could focus on was trying to make it through the next meal without puking up pureed veggies. But eventually, I realized lifestyle was critical. Sleep. Stress. Food quality. Skincare products. Fun. Etc.

So, it’s interesting to learn about different toxins in our food and skincare products from Freda Mooncotch. We had a great time on the show and I really think you’ll enjoy it.

On This Podcast with Freda, We Cover:

1:10 Freda’s amazing recovery (from ‘wine wench’ to ‘food nazi’)
14:05 The role of food toxins in our health
19:07 How to tell if your skincare products are toxic
24:01 Where can we find good, clean food?
30:45 Find out more from Freda…


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us Freda. I look forward to being on your show soon.

– Jordan

P.S. – The amazing Joel Salatin video I mention in this podcast can be found here:


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Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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Abel Brion December 24, 2012 at 7:31 am

Absolutely true, most gym instructors ask you to do the same thing as you mentioned when you first arrive at the gym. My friend too was asked to do several tough exercises at the beginning. Everything seems tough at the beginning, but by practice and regular follow up things become easier.


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