Answering Emails – Including: Fructose, Hunger and Why Everyone Has Time to Start SCD (Podcast 14)

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Email is a great form of communication, but talking is a far superior medium of communication if you ask us. We love doing these podcasts because we feel it is much easier to get our message across.

With that in mind, lately we started receiving many emails that all seem to be related. We figured if a couple of you were curious, then there must be at least 2 others who didn’t contact us that cared as well. So, this week we categorized several emails into general questions we get often and addressed them on the podcast.

We hope you enjoy and that you like the idea of getting your very own podcast, that’s basically what we are offering. We want to help more and talk about topics that are on the forefront of your lives. The best way to ensure this is if you just submit questions or topics that you want to hear us jive on.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Remember, no question is out of bounds here at SCD Lifestyle. The easiest way to get your questions asked is to click on this link and enter your questions and ideas in the form.

Let us know what you think of the question and answer idea in the comments section below. We don’t think it will be a weekly routine but a couple times a month would really be cool.

On This Podcast, We Cover:

1:03 First Question – Do fructose intolerance and SCD mix? You might be surprised
5:38 Specific intro diet tweaks for fructose, dairy, egg, and meat intolerances/allergies
7:45 Second Question – I’m always hungry, there’s no way I can start this diet!
11:40 Simple tip – You don’t need more than 3 meals a day but it might be worth a try
13:01 Third Question – I don’t have time because of XYZ, how can I start this diet?
16:41 Let’s be honest, the #1 barrier holding you back from starting SCD is….
17:39 The most difficult thing in the world!
19:10 Help Us.. Help You


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