Where to Find the Best SCD Diet Holiday Recipes

by Steven Wright

The holidays are a beautiful time of the year – nights filled with easy conversations, loving memories and large bountiful meals. Unfortunately, for me and many other SCD’ers, large family gatherings are also filled with non-SCD time forged family food traditions.

I’m not normally involved in the food planning process, so lately I’ve been fielding questions about how we can update old traditions or forge new ones. This has been causing anxiety for me and my family. Not having full control of my menu tends to stress me out. Of course, I could make separate foods, but considering I’ve been given ample opportunity to have input on the menu that seems offensive to me.

While I’m not at the planning table for these gatherings, many of you are. I don’t have much experience trying to cook for more than 5-8, so I can’t imagine what large functions entail. (My family party will be 30+.) It must be a whole different stress trying to figure out how to please everyone, without compromising SCD principles.

While I don’t think it is possible to please everyone, I do think it is worthwhile to give it a try. With that in mind, I believe the secret to successfully navigating SCD family gatherings is pre-planning. Much like traveling on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, setting up the conditions for success is very important.

In my mind, when it comes to the winter holiday season, food planning is the most important condition to ensure your success.

There are plenty of the SCD legal foods to eat and many SCD replica foods to replace old SAD staples. A couple examples I use are mashed cauliflower for potatoes and butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes. In order to help you plan for success, I want to share an awesome holiday food guide being put together by Mrs. Ed over at Mrs Ed’s Research and Recipes.

She came up with a GENIUS idea of getting everyone in the community to come together and post your best SCD holiday favorites. If you are in the beginning stages of planning your holiday meals, you should check out the growing list of recipes. I do want to warn you that some of the recipes are not SCD legal but they seem to be properly marked. Please enjoy and contribute if you can, the more we share the richer all of our lives become.


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Steven Wright Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started SCDLifestyle.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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Nicole Broderick November 23, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Thanks for the direction to Mrs. Ed’s holiday guide – it’s been very helpful. Also, I’ll be making the pumpkin cake from scdforlife. In my searches for the perfect recipes, I’ve come across two ingredients that are new to me and am seeking your thoughts on their potential use for scd’ers. The first is Apple Cider Molasses – only ingredient is apple cider. The second is Coconut Crystals, produced and sold by Coconut Secret – only ingredient is pure coconut tree sap. Both could bring baking to a new level. I truly appreciate all you do.

Reid B. Kimball November 14, 2010 at 4:40 pm

This is great, will definitely take a look at Mrs. Ed’s resources. Kinda sad, but I usually skip having traditional Thanksgiving meals unless I’m at home for Thanksgiving, which isn’t often.

Steven Wright November 15, 2010 at 11:54 am

@ Reid – she has a treasure trove of SCD recipes, I would recommend spending a couple days on her site to any SCD’er!

Tracee November 13, 2010 at 10:41 pm

Thanks for getting the word out. I just hope this will make the holidays a treat for SCD’ers just like it is for everyone else. Enjoy health and tasty food!

Steven Wright November 15, 2010 at 11:53 am

@ Tracee – No Thank You for the great idea!