healing eczema with functional medicine

Today, I’m excited to share an important post by one of the practitioners I admire – Dr. Stephanie Davis.

Stephanie is a doctor of chiropractic medicine who has trained extensively in the Functional Medicine approach.

Stephanie fought through her own health struggles with hormone imbalance, hypothyroidism, infertility, and eczema, as well as her husband’s Hashimoto’s. Her personal journey drives her to serve those who want guidance on finding the real root cause of their illness and snuffing it out, for good.

If you’re dealing with eczema, skin issues, and autoimmunity, this article is for you. [click to continue…]

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24-hour yogurt sauce

Most of us know we should eat more 24-hour yogurt. After all, it’s one of the most powerful gut healing foods: each tablespoon of properly prepared yogurt contains 700 BILLION CFUs per cup.

That’s a lot of probiotics.

With that in mind, I challenged myself to come up with some new ways to eat 24-hour yogurt. (I also had a freezer full of ground meat from hunting over the fall and winter.) The result? Gut-Healing Greek Meatballs with 24-Hour Yogurt Tzatziki sauce.

This recipe sounds fancy, but even my kids ate it. (Maybe because they like anything you can dip!) [click to continue…]

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Have you settled for poor health?

It’s a tough question, but an important one.

Accepting our symptoms as a normal part of life can turn into permission to stop fighting.

Don’t’ get me wrong, there were moments on my journey when I wanted to do just that.

But here’s the key – refusing to settle.

And in order to do that, we need to be equipped with all the right tools to heal – just like Mara was.

Continue reading, as Mara shows us everything it took to come out on top – from diet and lifestyle changes to the one thing that changed everything.

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Few things are more frustrating than switching to a healthy diet and feeling WORSE.

For those with a histamine intolerance, this is often the case.

That’s right – gut healthy favorites like fermented foods, probiotic supplements, and leftover grass-fed meat can actually make you feel worse.

And because histamines can affect the entire body, it’s often misdiagnosed. (You’ll likely be told it’s “just” allergies or IBS)

If you have dozens of random symptoms that appear out of nowhere, this is one condition you can’t afford to overlook.

Headaches, brain fog, chronic nasal congestion, bloating, restless leg – yep, those are all signs of a histamine intolerance.

In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know about conquering a histamine intolerance so you can start living again.

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nut-free, grain-free blueberry muffins

Was there a “special breakfast” you ate growing up or always made for your kids?

Whether it was Mother’s Day Brunch, Easter, or my birthday, for my family’s “special breakfast” we always had blueberry muffins.

And while I don’t encourage eating baked goodies on a daily basis, eating them for a week straight isn’t likely to hurt your gut and likely may help your emotional body. So if you make them, I hope you enjoy them without shame or blame or concern. [click to continue…]