Jordan Reasoner – Who is this guy?

Jordan Reasoner is good looking

Who am I?

I used to be sick as hell… I’ll never forget writing my will late one night in 2008.  I didn’t think I’d watch my then 1-year old son grow up. Now, my life is completely different…

I have two incredible kids… a 4-year old son Chase and a 2-year old daughter Ripley. They’re miracles in my life and I enjoy being with them happy and healthy.  My passion is helping people just like me naturally heal digestive disease and live a long, healthy life!

A few years ago, I thought I’d never be able to leave the house and now I’m bound and determined to do 100% the opposite of that… and do it feeling amazing.

Here’s a ridiculously long video detailing my story (filmed back in 2010 when I was still recovering)…

That video was filmed 3 years ago… now I look like this (30 pounds heavier and better looking glasses).  Also, I eventually stopped wearing hats and accepted my beautiful bald head ha-ha :-)

I call this picture “I AM NOT CELIAC DISEASE”:

Jordan Reasoner shirtless picture

Here’s some more pics having fun:

Sledding in Michigan, Winter 2012

Hiking to a mountain lake in Montana, spring 2012

Hiking Into a Volcano

Hiking into the volcano crater – Big Island Hawaii, Winter 2013

Jordan Reasoner Beach photo

Beach adventure – Big Island Hawaii, Winter 2013

Jordan Reasoner photo shoot with the kids in Montana

Photo Shoot with the kids – Bozeman Montana, Spring 2013


Steve and I on Sacagawea Peak (elevation 9,665 feet) – Bozeman Montana, Summer 2013


Live Apatheia,

- Jordan