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Pic of Parasites

Back in 2008 Jordan called me in a panic, “I have Liver Flukes. They filled up the toilet.  It was so disgusting!  I knew I had a parasite!”

Or so he thought.  After more investigation, it turned out he was seeing undigested Craisins in his daily diarrhea (another failed health experiment).

Such is the life of sick people trying to get well on random message boards, taking every parasite cleanse they can find, hoping for anything that will work.

You see, the word parasite used to trigger my bullcrap radar.  There’s a lot of scammy information on the web about parasites.  If you’re reading this, you’ve likely felt that creepy feeling the first time you read about them.  Your doctor might have even laughed at you when you asked about them.

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Semi-truck blind spot

She left again.  I sat devastated on my couch trying to understand what I did wrong.  The 3rd woman in a row suddenly broke up with me and ran out of my life.

It made no sense to me.  I was a nice guy, with a good job, and I cared.  Why didn’t they see this?

Then, my coach helped me see the problem wasn’t with them.  It was a massive blind spot I didn’t even know I had.  This behavior was driving them out of my life and I had no idea.

The nice guy blind spot was killing my dating life.

Other Blind Spots Kill People

One of the scariest places to find yourself is in a semi-truck’s blind spot.  The driver has no idea you’re there.  Your body reacts, your heart beats faster, and you just know you’re in danger.  And if you can’t speed past him soon, at any moment he could change lanes and wipe you right into the guardrail.

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Nature does it to me every time…

No matter how much crap is going on in my life, or how sick I am, nature always heals.

This picture is the view from Green Mountain Peak near Boulder, Colorado.

Within minutes of reaching the top, Nature did it again.  My body instantly went quiet and I could breathe deep.  I felt grounded.  I felt peace.  I felt… healed.  What a gift!

It’s not something I can put into words, but if you’ve experienced it you know what Nature can do, anytime, anywhere.

That’s why I’m here visiting Steve in Boulder this week.

1) To spend time in Nature relaxing and healing (we nearly fell apart finishing our new leaky gut project).


2) To re-focus on new ways to support you.

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Pic of Atlas with weight of world on his shoulders

Today I didn’t have a panic attack after my morning coffee.  My heart isn’t racing.  There’s no longer an elephant sitting on my chest.  And that weird feeling like I was going to die is gone.

For the first time in months, I can finally breathe free again.

After 5 months of researching Leaky Gut, studying textbooks, interviewing doctors, shooting 9 hours of video, and writing over 100,000 words…

Our massive new project called “Solving Leaky Gut” is done!

And now it’s time to celebrate!

At 8:00 pm EST tonight (3/3), Jordan and I are doing a free live webinar with our friend Leanne called Healing Leaky Gut and we’re going to share some of the best new leaky gut tips we learned while creating this program.

Most of all we’re going to laugh, breathe, and smile tonight.  Hope you can join us for some fun!

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Pic of bucket with holes (water leaking out)

Recently Steve and I were at a super secret health mastermind in Florida when I learned something you may not know about our friend Leanne Ely from

She can get DOWN on the dance floor! (Seriously, AH-MAZING!)

But in all seriousness, she’s becoming a great friend.  So when she asked us to come do a FREE webinar together about healing leaky gut we jumped at the chance.

It’s going to be this Monday night (3/3) at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

You can register here (seats are limited):

Why did she ask about leaky gut specifically?

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