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If you want to skip ahead, we’re hosting a 2.5-hour live event on the gut-hormone connection and why hormones are THE MOST critical step toward healing your gut. RSVP here.

In the past, we’ve shared a sample of this material to a small group of people and got such incredible feedback we decided to make it into a full class.

Here are a few insights from the people that attended the sample material:

“I enjoyed hearing the actual cortisol number crunches, since I had the results of my tests in front of me…now knowing why I am so tired all the time. Just the progression of hormonal exhaustion & how it can creep up on us was so interesting”

“The role of cortisol in relieving inflammation; the possibility that my constant hot flashes (every 40 minutes or so, for the last 20+ years) could be related to my gut health.”

“I finally learned how Jordon gained weight!! Both my husband and I were on SCD and ended up really, really skinny. I more fully grasped how hormones and gut issues are linked. I also found it interesting that you use sublingual drops for treatment, which makes a lot of sense for people who cannot digest well.”

“The adrenal connection to the cortisol levels in body and how it affects the body. Also the antibiotic affects, because I went thru a year of battling a severe sinus infection and suffering with U. C. At the same time.”

Back when I was sick, I was massively fatigued, scary skinny and stuck eating only 8 foods. If only I had known that my hormones were the reason I was stuck, life could have been so different.

It’s so frustrating to be doing so many things right and not really get better.

If you’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office treating symptoms as much as I was… but never getting to the root cause, you know how frustrating it is.

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We’re looking for a Virtual Office Manager to help us manage the day-to-day details of the practitioners we work with.  We currently have a wonderful team member in this role who has been promoted to a new position with us.

This is a paid contract position that you can do from home and would start at around 10 hours per week, with room for growth as we grow :-)

We’re looking for someone who:

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It’s Time to Party!!

We’re about to reach another exciting milestone and it’s time to celebrate.  Yup, we’re having a party and guess what?! You’re all invited!

Last spring, we hit the 20,000 Facebook Likes mark, which took over 3 years but we were blown away with sheer joy.  Now, we’re about to reach 50,000 and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Our growth in the last year has been amazing, some of the time we could barely even keep up with it.  We’ve hired more staff to support us, developed amazing new products and been busy building a dream chronic illness consulting practice.

Whether you’re brand new or have been with us since day one, we’re so thankful that you have chosen to join us and help us foster this amazing community.

We Want to Give You a Gift

To celebrate, we would like to give 50 of you a $50 gift certificate towards any of our informational products. * [click to continue…]

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Pic of Parasites

Back in 2008 Jordan called me in a panic, “I have Liver Flukes. They filled up the toilet.  It was so disgusting!  I knew I had a parasite!”

Or so he thought.  After more investigation, it turned out he was seeing undigested Craisins in his daily diarrhea (another failed health experiment).

Such is the life of sick people trying to get well on random message boards, taking every parasite cleanse they can find, hoping for anything that will work.

You see, the word parasite used to trigger my bullcrap radar.  There’s a lot of scammy information on the web about parasites.  If you’re reading this, you’ve likely felt that creepy feeling the first time you read about them.  Your doctor might have even laughed at you when you asked about them.

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Semi-truck blind spot

She left again.  I sat devastated on my couch trying to understand what I did wrong.  The 3rd woman in a row suddenly broke up with me and ran out of my life.

It made no sense to me.  I was a nice guy, with a good job, and I cared.  Why didn’t they see this?

Then, my coach helped me see the problem wasn’t with them.  It was a massive blind spot I didn’t even know I had.  This behavior was driving them out of my life and I had no idea.

The nice guy blind spot was killing my dating life.

Other Blind Spots Kill People

One of the scariest places to find yourself is in a semi-truck’s blind spot.  The driver has no idea you’re there.  Your body reacts, your heart beats faster, and you just know you’re in danger.  And if you can’t speed past him soon, at any moment he could change lanes and wipe you right into the guardrail.

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