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Learn step-by-step strategies to stop your diarrhea… (and eliminate the root causes once and for all) on our latest live event coming up. Click here to grab a discounted ‘early bird’ ticket.

Diarrhea can be scary…

I’ll never forget the day in 2007… I was having diarrhea for the 13th time and frantically Googling “diarrhea” and “how to stop diarrhea.”

Panic ripped through my chest when I read the search results: “Diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day—more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.

WHAT!?? Diarrhea could actually kill me?  

I couldn’t ignore this anymore… it was happening every day now… and the doctor’s orders weren’t helping. Everything I was trying didn’t work and deep down I knew I couldn’t live on Imodium AD for the rest of my life.

I was wasting away from malnourishment and low energy but the worst was I literally felt chained to the toilet. I couldn’t venture more than 15 feet from the bathroom… for fear of having an accident. Not to mention, I was in trouble for missing so much work, and I was saying “no” to every social event my friends and family invited me to.

Diarrhea Can Completely Control Your Life

If you’re anything like me, you know that every time you get that funny feeling in your gut… that sinking, rumbling feeling, you know it’s going to be a miserable day.

Diarrhea disrupts just about everything in your life. Your body is in pain and the energy tank is on empty.

Despite your desire to stop the diarrhea, the only options you typically hear from Modern Medicine are powerful drugs, tests and surgery. So, you feel like a cornered animal… Afraid, Frustrated and Angry. That’s when you start trying all kinds of alternative medicine ideas… except that most of those won’t end up working for you either.

How do I know? Because for years I literally had diarrhea 10-15 times a day. I tried almost everything you’ve ever heard of… modern medicine and alternative medicine combined. It wasn’t until I was at my wit’s end, thinking like an engineer, I started listening to my body and I began looking at the problem completely different. [click to continue…]

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Big news!

Our good friend and mentor, Chris Kresser, is releasing his NY Times best selling book, The Personal Paleo Code, in paperback with a brand new name, The Paleo Cure.

To celebrate, he has agreed to give the first 100 of you a free pre-order copy! The 100 copies will go fast, so if you want one click here now and use this coupon code: PALEOJORDANSTEVE

These 100 books are for our community only… and I’m grateful he chose us as part of a small group of people to do this for you.

Chris has been one of our mentors over the last few years and I’d highly recommend you check out his book. He’s packed years of clinical experience and thousands of patients’ worth of troubleshooting into a $20 book. The specific vitamin and micro-nutrient supplement guidelines alone are worth picking up a copy…

He sent us review copies and of course, and it blew my mind. Mostly because I’m a nerd and I’m fascinated by the sheer volume of research he consumed to put this together. But I also like how ‘actionable’ it is. It’s not just a stuffy journal of facts, but it breaks up overcoming chronic health issues into 3 steps (reset your diet, rebuild your life, and revive your health). [click to continue…]

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Sometimes life throws you curveballs…

And we just have to step up and hit a home run!

With that in mind: we decided to move up the Black Friday discounts earlier for you :-)

Click here to see all the crazy prices:

Happy Holidays from the SCD Lifestyle Team!!!

I’m here in Boulder this week with Steve and we’re working hard building our new baby: “The Healthy Gut Project.”

So, we decided we didn’t want to work on Friday after pouring our hearts out all week. We’re moving the Black Friday Sale up, giving you access to all those huge discounts a few days early.
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We hope by now you’ve watched the groundbreaking new film, Origins, featuring 24 of the brightest minds in human and environmental health who revealed the real reason we’re struggling with chronic illness – and how we can reclaim the health and vitality that once came to us naturally.

(HINT: gut health is FINALLY featured as the critical step.)

If you missed it, you have until Saturday, November 22nd to watch it for free.

Access the Full-Length Origins Film at Absolutely No Charge Here.

If you’re anything like me…

Hopefully you’ve been sending this to your family and friends. I’m so grateful that gut health is finally making it into the mainstream, so now I can send the people I care about to something like this instead of talking till I’m blue in the face at holiday parties :)

My friend, Pedram Shojai, OMD, is the guy who made this movie and convened these world-class experts after he ran a large medical practice where he treated the same lifestyle-induced ailments again and again.
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Big news! A new full-length feature film is talking about gut health in a way I’ve never seen before. I was lucky enough to watch an early screening a few weeks ago and it totally blew me away!

And now, you can watch a free screening for the next 10 days. Click here to check it out.

Think about you and the five people you care about most…

What scares me the most about this planet right now is how many human beings are sick.

And there’s a good chance most of them are struggling with more than 1 serious health issue.

And if you’re reading this right now, it’s likely that you’re a part of our community because of a gut health issue in your own life.

If you’re dealing with chronic illness like Steve and I did, you’ve got to hear the simplest and most profound explanation, offered by some of the brightest minds in human and environmental health, for why our guts are completely destroyed – and how we can reclaim the health and vitality that once came to us naturally.

It’s going to be revealed in the global premiere of the brand new, groundbreaking movie Origins.

When I watched it I was blown away . . . and now you can watch it too. Get immediate access here at no charge.

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