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In case you missed it, earlier this week I had my friends from The Sitting Solution, Chad and Brenda Walding, as guest writers on the blog. Actually, you might even already be familiar with them, especially if you read my post from last fall on my struggles with neck and upper back pain.

The truth is, I’ve got 18 years of bad posture and movement that I’m trying to correct. And just like lowering stress, I think getting rid of neck, shoulder and upper back pain is something that needs constant attention. The reality is our western world is currently created to induce stress and to put us humans in unnatural positions.

What I really admire about these two is that they understand that the world isn’t changing anytime soon. And that means we need to shift the conversation to not making it wrong, but what can we do to offset the damage it does to us. I really love how they’re able to break down complex movement patterns  and give everyone some easy to follow, straightforward tips to implement right away – even in your cubicle at the office.

I was blown away by the results I’ve been personally seeing from their work, so I wanted to interview them and get more details.  Whether you’re struggling with chronic pains from sitting in the wrong position all day, or just want to maximize your health and longevity, this podcast is a must listen… [click to continue…]




As I laid out in the first video of the new year, we want to support you in taking action this year. But, there are seeds that must first be planted when starting out on any health journey.

See, we’re making it our mission, more than ever, to produce content that gets your engines firing. And we’re providing you with premium octane fuel to do so…

Because millions of people are just barely running on fumes, for a variety of reasons… a big one being Autoimmune Diseases. And I want you to know that, contrary to popular belief, these diseases are not normal…

Autoimmune Disease is on the rise and affecting millions more each year.

That’s why we’re running this online presentation to raise awareness.

But as Dr. Amy Myers explains in our podcast today, a combination of factors have led most people to believe Autoimmunity is just part of aging and there’s nothing we can do to stop it once it starts…

Well, if you missed this post, I’ve got news for you. Experts are shouting louder and LOUDER from the rooftops: YOU CAN REVERSE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE!!!

I can’t wait for you to LISTEN to today’s brand new podcast with Dr. Amy Myers.

The last time we had her on, she blew our minds with her talk on detoxification, toxins and mold

This podcast on Autoimmune Disease is just as powerful. [click to continue…]




You may have heard of Maca before. Many people are supplementing with it to help with infertility and hormone imbalance…

But can it help with gut health?

What if I said the root causes associated with many cases of infertility were inflammation, hormone imbalance, and/or adrenal fatigue?

Sound familiar?

Well, if you’ve followed us for any length of time you already know this, but Steve and I are very particular about the supplements we share with our community. While creating a custom version of a real food diet is definitely at the base of any effective healing plan, many times supplements, proper testing, and working with a skilled practitioner are necessary to take your health to the next level.

When it comes to supplements, we know just how confusing and frustrating it can be to find quality that’s affordable, especially with all of the blanket statements and “magic pill” claims attached to thousands of products.

While we realize that, in most cases, no one supplement is going to be the answer for you, when we come across a game changer we’re inclined to share it with you. After all, one of our core missions is to follow our “time machine rule”, sharing things we wish we could get in a time machine and go back and give ourselves when we were sick.

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She laid on the floor sobbing, wondering if it was time to end her life. Not something you’d expect to hear from the now healthy, happy and successful Cynthia Pasquella. She’s a dear friend of mine who used to have chronic fatigue syndrome and other health issues. But I had no idea she had to overcome so many challenges.

In this podcast, we went deep into the questions that everyone must confront in order to change their health:

  • Have you ever wondered “Why me?”
  • Have you asked the question “Am I worth it?”
  • Or thought “What’s my WHY in this life?”

If you are anything like Jordan and I, the day will come when you do.

And there are all kinds of other mindset issues that will pop up as you begin your healing process like:

  • Do I really love myself?
  • Do I trust the process?
  • Do I deserve to be healthy?

In order to have a health transformation, you will have to change the way you think. It’s as simple as that. Take new actions in diet, lifestyle, supplements and mindset.

Which is why this podcast is so powerful. I’m actually in the middle of the 7-day exercise Cynthia gives in the podcast… and all I can say is wow – but more on that in the actual show.

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Jennifer Fugo

Today, I’m excited to have a guest on to talk about saving money, shopping, and how to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

I know when I went from eating the Standard American Diet to the Gluten-Free Diet, and then to actually eating a real food diet (SCD), I noticed that my expenses kept going up and up and up.  I’m a big Dave Ramsay guy, and I track my money, and I know that right now I’m spending on average about $1,000 per month to feed myself and my two kids a real food diet and it’s expensive.

So, I have Jennifer Fugo on the show to talk about how we can save some money.  I met Jennifer when she interviewed us early last year and I’ve been looking forward to having her on the podcast to talk about saving money in general, because when we’re eating real food diets it’s typically a pretty expensive choice.

Jennifer is the founder of Gluten Free School and she teaches gluten sensitive individuals simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy.  She’s been living gluten-free since 2008 after a gluten sensitivity diagnosis.  And she knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the cost and the complicated aspects of making the choice to eat real food.  She’s a sought after expert, she has been featured on Dr. Oz, Yahoo News, eHow, CNN, Philadelphia Magazine and she now has an amazing new book, which we’re going to talk about, called The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank.

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