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Pic of Christa Orecchio

It all started with a chance meeting in a stretch limo.

Soon we were deep in conversation about stool testing and parasites (my go-to topic when I meet beautiful women).

Once she started talking about ways to help people get off Prednisone I knew we had to record a podcast together.

Christa Orecchio is a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Counselor, and Founder and Owner of

What I love about her is that her approach is clinical with a functional medicine spin, so like us, she’s always looking to get to the root cause of whatever is going on with someone’s health.

She’s been in private practice for the past eight years helping people heal using food as medicine, and I’m always excited to talk to practitioners about what’s working and not working out there in real life.

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It’s thought that 90% of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, so why aren’t more people talking about this common problem?  Thyroid hormones affect every single cell in the body, including the digestive tract cells.  So, if you want ideal digestion, you have to have optimal thyroid hormones.

The frustrating problem is that the thyroid gland is regulated by complex feedback systems that can make supplementing with more hormones alone an unsatisfactory solution.  As we discuss in this podcast, fixing thyroid issues is really like peeling an onion back.  Each layer that you peel back reveals more issues to correct.  At times this can be disheartening.  But as you’ll hear from this podcast, starting with thyroid problems can lead you back to all the root causes of your health issues.

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Jordan, Dr. Terry Wahls and Steve, from left to right

Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D went from tilt-recline wheelchair bound to riding a bike for 18 miles in only a year.  Her progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) wasn’t stopped by the best ideas conventional medicine had to offer.  So after exhausting all those options, she dove into the research and decided to solve the problem herself.  About a month ago when we met she was on the dance floor getting down!

I had an out of body experience as I watched this woman who just a few years ago was bound to a wheelchair without options was now laughing and dancing.  Not only that she travels around the country educating people on the importance of diet, supplements and functional medicine for reversing autoimmune conditions and runs clinical trials that are proving that her methods are safe and work.

Watch this video to get a background for just how big of deal this is.  And notice how TED is not as altruistic as you might have assumed.  It looks like they’ve lost their way which is sad.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an autoimmune condition like MS or any chronic illness, then this podcast is for you.  Heck, even if you’re looking to optimize your health then I’d strongly recommend listening.

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Pic of Dr. Steve Sisskind

Have you ever been disappointed by a supplement?  Well, let me tell you I understand how frustrating it is to spend hard earned money on supplements and receive bottles with broken seals and capsules and zero results.  The no results part really bugs me. After well over 10 years of using, researching and testing supplements, I’ve realized that there are many factors that play into getting the desired outcome from them.

Over and over I see the same mistakes being made.  Among the most common are under-dosing of active ingredients, sourcing of low cost ingredients, and researched products that fail to deliver on a consistent basis.

The only supplements I’ll use and give to my family are of the highest quality and do what they are suppose to.  But without my personal experience, testing, and daily emails of what’s working and what’s not for people, would you know how and where to find the brands and products that work?

Well, that’s what today’s podcast with Dr. Steve Sisskind, MD, and part-owner of the supplement company RealDose Nutrition is all about.  Have you ever wondered if your fish oil is rancid and worthless?  Are you curious why some products cost 10x more than others?

If so, this podcast is for you.  Because, trust me, it’s not all marketing in the supplement industry, BUT a lot of it is.

I met the RealDose team last fall and was completely blown away by their openness and mission as a company, so I started using their products myself and really grew to like them.  Then, I  started getting awesome feedback from many of our clients.

In December, I did a special weight loss presentation, during which I recommended some of their products.  Of course, there were plenty of people saying I had “sold out” to a supplement company, but I can assure you that’s hardly the case.  We don’t recommend anything unless we’ve first tested it out ourselves and also with lots of other people.  If we didn’t, you’d surely stop following us (and we wouldn’t blame you).  So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to a supplement company that has raised the bar, especially in terms of transparency, customer service and refund policy.

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Pic of Dr. Amy Myers

Did you know approximately 1 out of 4 people walk around genetically predisposed to struggle with mold toxicity and most don’t even know it?  Everyone in your family could be just fine but you might actually be reacting violently to toxins in your household. If you have tried changing your diet, adding supplements, and are still feeling lousy this podcast is for you.  Read and listen on… [click to continue…]


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