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A friend of mine lost 80 pounds. Everyone whispered behind his back about how proud they were of him.

It was sad…

Because no one was telling him how much of an inspiration he was, how good he was looking and how he was forcing our friends to examine their health.

He never heard his impact on us.

And it dawned on me that most of us never truthfully hear the impact we have on the people around us.

We are Batman, Superwoman, Heroes…

You are a hero. I am a hero. Jordan is a hero.

Our costumes resemble our everyday clothes, our gadgets are mostly supplements, and our capes are the positive energy vibes that our health struggles reverberate through the world.

Do you believe me? Is it hard to believe that YOU – yes – you are a hero?

I couldn’t really accept it for many years, so I get it if you’re denying it, if you’re shaking your head or even getting mad at me.

But keep reading. Because that energy is an indication that I’m on to something. Soon, I hope you’ll see that you’ve unknowingly started to become an unsung hero. [click to continue…]

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I awoke to the waves lapping the stones below our balcony. The sun was blindingly hot at 9:00 am, but a cool breeze allowed me to sip my Kona coffee on the lani.

Later, I played tennis with Jordan and hopped in the pool to cool down.

Then it was work time. We wrote emails, blog posts, handled customer service issues and had a meeting with our business consultant. After 4 hours, it was time to have a glass of wine, make an amazing dinner and relax as the sun set over the Ocean.

That’s how I spent my birthday last year, in Kona, Hawaii. It was pretty amazing, but it wasn’t always like this…

I’m not trying to brag. Actually, I’m trying to be as transparent as possible with the hopes that you’ll understand something very important – more on that in a bit. [click to continue…]



Are you a woman having hormone issues? Or do you know a woman having them?

The way you could tell would be things like…

  • Low energy, sleeping a lot, never feeling rested
  • Hot flashes, low sex-drive, skin issues
  • Frumpy, a spare tire, and yo-yo eating problems

These are just a few VERY common symptoms of hormone imbalances for women. Here’s the problem with trying to help each of you reading this: the symptoms above don’t indicate which hormones are out of balance.

And that makes it hard to provide recommendations that apply to masses.

My good friend, Dr. Sara Gottfried (harvard trained MD turned functional medicine doc) is really good at breaking down this topic and putting together easy to use protocols that apply to most everyone. And it just so happens she’s got a new book coming out about this!

Click here, for a free copy of her new book (you do have to pay shipping and handling).

Who doesn’t want a super-cheap, up-to-date guide to women’s hormones? Trust me, there are enough action steps and cool tricks about supplements in this book for anyone with the issues above that you won’t want to miss out.

Regardless, what I want you to take away from this today are the 7 hormones that you need to be concerned with and 2 important takeaways about Carbohydrates and Berberine. [click to continue…]

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It’s the New Year! And I’m puking every time I open my inbox. Why? Because of all the emails I’m getting about how easy it is to supposedly get a “new me.” After 7 years of working to get better health, wealth and relationships I hate when people do this.

It might be simple to create a new you, but it’s hardly ever easy.

See, to create a new you, you must by definition change your behaviors. And that’s a struggle for most of us. While I can’t take away the work, I can show you how to reliably and repeatedly change your behavior this year.

This article reveals the process by which I’ve changed every part of my health.

Learning Isn’t What Society Says It Is

Most of us have been duped about learning. Let me explain… [click to continue…]



5 minutes in and I’m starting to panic. There’s 45lbs of weight wrapped around my throat and and chin. I’m becoming claustrophobic.

“Breathe,” I tell myself.

I can’t say I ever thought I’d be willing to pay someone to almost choke me with a medieval weighted torture device.

But when the pain is high enough… I’m willing to try almost anything.

My Neck and Upper Back Were Throbbing All Day Long

I’ve been sitting at a computer for significant amounts of time since I was 14. This was 10 years later. And working 80 hour weeks, all behind a screen, was destroying my neck.

Day in and day out, there was tension and pain. If you bumped into me back then, I was always rubbing the right side of my neck and shrugging my shoulders a lot.

So, I went to see a chiropractor. And a 2nd. Finally, on the 3rd I found someone who knew what he was doing.

Chiropractors are just like any medical consultant. There are great ones, good ones and lousy ones. It took me a bit to figure that out.

The first day Dr. Ryan worked on me, I was breathing so much easier and feeling energized as I walked out. My pains were gone.

The relief was like an amazing drug.

But it was short-lived as the pain came back in a few days.

Sitting is Killing The Western World

Have you seen the TIME headlines? Sitting is KILLING you.

Now of course, there are some worthwhile ideas about all this sitting fuss.

[click to continue…]