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Recently, we talked about how important polyphenols are for health.  

We forgot to talk about one of the biggest sources almost everyone with a gut issue can eat and should eat — Olive oil.

Olive oil seems to have been forgotten.  

Why use it when there are all these other fats: coconut oil, avocado oil, animal fats? (Experts on the internet coo.)  

There are lots of reasons, including that it tastes way better on certain dishes and many of the blue zones (areas where people live over 100 regularly) consume a ton of it.

There’s people who don’t use olive oil anymore because they don’t think it’s heat stable to cook with, or because they think it contains the wrong kind of fat. Both of those are just theories and there’s plenty of ideas on how both are FALSE.  

I think olive oil is delicious, healthy and a great addition to anyone’s diet. I enjoy it regularly, cook with it 20% of the time and honestly think it tastes WAY better than coconut oil.  

Of course, that assumes you’re buying high-quality, non-rancid oil, which I’ve found to be extremely confusing and hard. In fact, if you think olive oil tastes kind of like canola oil or other manmade toxic oils (rapeseed, vegetable oil, soy, etc) — then it’s highly likely you’ve never actually tasted real olive oil.

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Do you feel confused because there is just so much conflicting hormone information out there?

Are you struggling with sugar cravings, low energy, and feeling that you’re rushing all the time?

If so, our friend Sara is about to change your life…

You may have already heard of our good friend, Harvard-educated doc, and bestselling author Dr. Sara Gottfried MD.

Dr. Sara is an expert who understands that hormonal imbalances are behind your belly fat and low energy.

We used to think, like Dr. Sara did when she started medical school more than two decades ago, that fatigue and low energy was something in your “head.”

Turns out the truth is hormonal: your hormones dictate what your body does with food. [click to continue…]



When I had my first child, friends and family cooed , “Ohhh, he has your eyes!” or “Oh my gosh, he has his Mom’s smile!”

I’d smile… but inside I’d cringe. That voice in my head saying, “What if I gave him Celiac Disease? What if he’s going to die of a heart attack like every man in our family?”

See, right before my son was born, I found my Dad dead after a massive heart attack at the age of 52. My Grandpa had a heart attack at age 48 and died. My Uncle had a heart attack at 49 and died…

It doesn’t stop there, my Mom died from Celiac disease at 52 and that same condition just about killed me…

So while everyone is talking about his hair, all I can think is, “What if my son has an early death sentence because of the genetics I just gave him?”

At least that’s what we’ve been led to believe for the last 50 years…

“It runs in the family…”

“It” meaning (insert any death sentence here): heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s… you get the idea. And rightly so, my family tree shows this pattern.

So I began to ask the question: are we each born with a death sentence? Are we each going to die from our pre-determined genetics, no matter what?

We’ve all heard that saying about the weak link in the chain. It’s the weakest link that will fail first, and each of us has a “weak link” in our genes, inherited right from Mom and Dad. But how do these weak links break? Why is it that these weak links inside each of us keeps killing the ones we love… [click to continue…]

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You and I both know, medicine is changing… for the better, if you ask me.

The future is bright!

Marc David and Emily Rosen are some of the most talented and caring people I’m friends with in the health industry. And when they put their focus on something, they absolutely nail it.

On June 22nd, they kick off their No-Cost Future of Healing Virtual Conference, where you can listen to me and 70+ other experts speaking on a host of topics that pertain to creating amazing health and great lives.

WAIT! This Isn’t Just ANOTHER Summit!

I know what you’re thinking, another summit, dude stop it already.

I feel the same way. It seems like there’s a summit on a different topic coming out every single week.

Which is why you haven’t seen us in many this year. We’ve become very picky in who we do interviews with and what we tell you about. We don’t want you suffering from information overload.

What Marc and Emily have put together is WORLD-CLASS, which is why I participated in it and I’m actually excited to tell you about it. [click to continue…]



A friend of mine lost 80 pounds. Everyone whispered behind his back about how proud they were of him.

It was sad…

Because no one was telling him how much of an inspiration he was, how good he was looking and how he was forcing our friends to examine their health.

He never heard his impact on us.

And it dawned on me that most of us never truthfully hear the impact we have on the people around us.

We are Batman, Superwoman, Heroes…

You are a hero. I am a hero. Jordan is a hero.

Our costumes resemble our everyday clothes, our gadgets are mostly supplements, and our capes are the positive energy vibes that our health struggles reverberate through the world.

Do you believe me? Is it hard to believe that YOU – yes – you are a hero?

I couldn’t really accept it for many years, so I get it if you’re denying it, if you’re shaking your head or even getting mad at me.

But keep reading. Because that energy is an indication that I’m on to something. Soon, I hope you’ll see that you’ve unknowingly started to become an unsung hero. [click to continue…]

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