Leaky Gut Syndrome


Our bodies are made up of cells, which are made up of biomolecules consisting of things like mitochondria, nucleus and other organelles.

A couple levels deeper, we find out these are made of atoms. And atoms are made up of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons. These subatomic particles fascinatingly cannot be destroyed or created, which leaves us with some particularly interesting connections…

Like we might be made up of atoms from other dead humans, or trees or who knows…

Like we might be all connected at some very deep universal level…

Connections in the body aren’t nearly as hard to wrap your head around.

At first glance, it might seem unlikely that stomach issues, skin issues and inflammatory joint autoimmune diseases are related. But if you’ve been following us for any length of time, then it’s likely not a surprise.

And if you can begin to see the interconnectedness of the symptoms, I bet you won’t be surprised to see the same kind of changes help all of them. [click to continue…]



Imagine it’s 400 years ago and you’re sick… turns out it’s the same thing that just killed your sister and her youngest son.

Fortunately, the Doctor knows exactly what to do. It’s something they’ve been doing for years, centuries actually. They even tried it on your family before they lost the battle…

He looks at you with stern confidence and gives you the “prescription:” Bloodletting.

That’s right, bloodletting.

It’s exactly how it sounds – patients were pricked, sliced, scraped, and cut to allow blood out of the body to “cure” diseases. That sounds crazy right?!

But at the time, bloodletting was commonly used to treat tons of conditions, like seizures, headaches, fevers, pneumonia, and to lessen any pain in the body. This practice actually killed people!

The use of bloodletting was pervasive until studies by scientists and doctors like Pasteur, Koch, and Virchow came along and showed the benefits of other treatment methods.

Now, we look at bloodletting like something crazy we used to do before we “knew better.”

But where might history be repeating itself?

Are there things we do today that someday will seem “crazy,” just like bloodletting?

I look at treating autoimmune disease with long-term use of powerful immune suppressing drugs (which have a ridiculous list of side effects such as infection, cancer, cardiovascular disease, bone disease) like bloodletting. [click to continue…]



Why are we so passionate about Leaky Gut Awareness?

The bottom line is this: fixing the gut will impact just about every other area of your body.

There are millions of people in the world struggling right now with things like low energy, depression, infertility, or even heart disease who have no idea how much their gut health influences these conditions.

I’m not arguing that the gut is the root cause of all things… but what I do know is that it plays a huge role in how all the systems in your body function. Show me someone with a broken gut and I will show you someone with multiple health complaints other than their GI symptoms.

That’s why fixing your gut is the first step to overcoming chronic illness.

And in today’s videos, we’re going to dive into fixing the gut and how that impacts various other systems in your body, like your immune system, fertility, and thyroid function. [click to continue…]

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One of the most powerful lessons I ever learned as an engineer was that everything is a system.

We called it “Systems Thinking.”

It’s the idea that everything in a system is connected and every system has inputs and outputs.

Let’s take our bodies; there are many inputs… things like food, environmental toxins, water, stress, supplements, joy, happiness, love, etc.

There are even outputs, like how we feel, our poop, our skin, etc.

At a high level, our body is a very complex system. And like any system, we can change the inputs to get a desired change in the outputs.

What blew me away years ago was this: changing the inputs that influence the gut (things like food, stress, supplements, etc.) creates the most powerful change in the outputs (how we feel, symptoms, poop, etc.).

Changing the Inputs That Affect Your Gut Can Completely Rebuild Your Body

Nothing proved this to me more than when I changed my diet and the years of diarrhea stopped in just 7 days. 7 days after I changed my inputs, the outputs dramatically changed. Pretty amazing little system our body is, isn’t it?

So… with Leaky Gut Awareness Week heading towards a close, it’s time we started talking about how many critical parts of your body the gut is connected to. [click to continue…]



What if your immune system has your best interests at heart at all times? How might that change the view of autoimmune diseases?

I believe it’s true that your immune system is doing the best job it can, even in times of disease.

I believe our bodies have an innate knowledge that depending on the inputs we feed into our system it will produce certain outcomes. And from this perspective I think autoimmune disease begins to make perfect sense.

When the incoming variables of food, water, air, stresses, thoughts, movement and chemicals begin to fall into the negative for too long, negative consequences begin. And in some of us (who knows maybe one day we’ll know it’s all of us) autoimmune disease is the outcome of these inputs getting too far away from optimal.

Could We All Be a Little Autoimmune?

[click to continue…]