Steven Wright

Have you ever been told your symptoms weren’t “that bad?”

How about that it was “just IBS?”

Or maybe that your fatigue, acne, and chronic bloating (or any other symptom) were just normal for you.

Your doctors – maybe even your family and friends – were telling you to get over it, live with it, forget about it. But you knew deep down that you deserved to feel better.

When my doctor told me it was just IBS, I took my health and happiness into my own hands. What began with the SCD diet turned into a lifelong pursuit of health and happiness – and the same thing happened to my friend Liz.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Liz and let her share her story of healing with you.

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Have you ever feared something to the point where it’s all you thought about – all day, every day?

For myself, Darla, and so many others it was our health.

What Doctor should I see now? Am I dying? What if this doesn’t work?

These were typical thoughts that ran through my head on a daily basis and it was exhausting.

Those same fears plagued Darla for 25 years, as she exhausted all options to relieve her painful constipation symptoms.

After just 5 days on the SCD diet, she finally found the relief she was so desperate to find.

All the pain, bloating, fear, doctor appointments and embarrassment she once knew as normal are completely gone.

Darla has not only helped herself, but she’s implemented SCD/GAPS, functional and integrative medicine principles into the nutrition curriculum of the university she is currently teaching at.

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The SCD Lifestyle community is made up of every kind of person imaginable: young and old, men and women, parents and children, from every corner of the world and with every condition under the sun.

But all these people – vastly different – have 1 thing in common (and this is what makes them Tough Cases like Jordan and I were).

Almost every member of the SCD Community is dealing with multiple conditions and circumstances that cause their symptoms.

For Jordan it wasn’t just Celiac – it was Celiac and parasites.

For me, it wasn’t just IBS – it was IBS and adrenal fatigue.

For Susan, it was chronic Lyme, mold exposure, and parasites that contributed to her symptoms.

The amazing thing is that SCD can help all these conditions – and a lot more.

SCD has been used for more than 60 years because it’s so versatile – whether you have SIBO or blasto, Crohn’s, UC, or autism – SCD can help you (like it helped us and like it helped Susan).

I’m excited to share Susan’s story with our community today, and I hope her positivity, perseverance, and healing inspires you as much as it inspired us! [click to continue…]



When you eat, you have many choices. Do you opt for flavor? Do you opt for convenience? Or do you take a ‘food as medicine’ approach?

The third choice is definitely the wisest. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find flavorful and convenient recipes that also help you heal… especially when many of us are following dietary guidelines, like the Leaky Gut diet, or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).

What Foods Fit Within a Leaky Gut Diet?

There are many Leaky Gut Diet-friendly foods that can satisfy your cravings, without leaving you feeling deprived. You can dine on vegetables, fruits, coconut products, grass-fed meats, seafood, poultry, bone broth, healthy fats, herbs, and many more choices.

While a wide variety of foods are permitted, there are some limitations on a Leaky Gut diet. You’ll want to avoid nuts, seeds, beans/legumes, grains, dried fruits, dairy, processed foods, alcohol, chocolate, eggs, and nightshades, at least until you know how you react to them. Keep in mind this is not an all-encompassing list. To learn more about what to eat and not eat on a Leaky Gut diet, check out this free webinar on Solving Leaky Gut. [click to continue…]



There are 3 truths that most sick people just hate to admit… but they are typically the fastest way back to health.

Because acknowledging them means a lot.

It means that you’ll likely take responsibility for them…

Which means you’ll be changing big cornerstones of how you do life.

And that’s scary. Because this degree of change is scary — for all of us.

Not to mention, some people make admitting these truths mean they are “wrong” for what they’ve been doing…

Which doubles the pain and makes taking new actions even harder.

I’d like to give you a new perspective on that. You are always doing exactly what you think is best for you right now – meaning there is no wrong.

Your actions may seem “wrong” in light of new information I’m about to share with you, but you were just doing your best until now. And that’s not wrong. That’s EXACTLY RIGHT.

You are doing it right.

And with that said, here are 3 new truths and a couple case studies I hope will help you get even better results.

3 Hard Truths of Getting Healthy

Here’s the part that you probably either have heard before and don’t want to acknowledge or maybe you’ve never been exposed to:

  • Truth 1 – Most People Need the Tough Case Diet
  • Truth 2 – Small Tweaks Can Create Massive Wins
  • Truth 3 – Stress Is More Important Than We All Want it to Be

You’ll see these 3 truths play out in the 2 success stories below.

But if you don’t, it’s likely because you don’t want to admit them. Maybe you will in a few months. Maybe never… but if you do, things will likely get better.

The point is that, in the last 7 years, these truths have become increasingly clear to me. [click to continue…]