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How long did you struggle with your digestive pain? Did it feel like a black cloud followed you everywhere you went?

Because that’s how my life felt as I struggled with Celiac disease. Honestly, battling this illness for the better part of a decade was mentally and physically draining. I made a lot of mistakes and sometimes didn’t know if I’d ever get better.

I got really good at doing one thing that really made a difference, though. Sure, all of the diet, supplements and lifestyle changes were absolutely vital to my recovery, but it was pain that got me through and out the other side. I got really good at using my pain to push me through all the tough times.

I’m so grateful now to be able to say that my gut is healed and more and more time has passed since I had agonizing diarrhea 10-15 times per day. But I’ve got to say, the memory of that pain is still right there. It keeps me focused on continuously taking care of my body, so I can be the best father, friend and health engineer I can be. And every once in a while we get an email, seemingly from out of nowhere, from someone who is totally on the same wavelength.

With that said, I’d like to introduce our latest rockstar, Carly, who much like myself was given the standard Celiac disease prescription (a gluten-free diet) and sent on her way.  At first, this can seem like you’ve been given a golden ticket to a healthy and happy life.

After all, your doctor knows best right? Well, if you’ve been following us for any length of time, you’ll know that most Celiacs are slowly dying, because the Gluten-Free diet is simply not enough.

Read on to learn what it took for Carly to heal and feel better than she ever thought she could. [click to continue…]


Blackboard and 'Plan - Do - Check - Act' concept

One of the most common questions we get from people every day is about being “stuck” on their diet.

They’ve changed their diet to improve their stomach problems, and maybe they feel a little better, but they still don’t feel as good as they should.

Whether the diet is SCD, GAPS, Paleo, or WAPF…

Their emails typically go something like this:

“Hey Jordan and Steve, 40 days ago I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet using your book and at first I felt amazing! I finally had my first formed stool in years, but since the first week or so I’m still getting horrible stomach pain and bloating after meals and I still have loose stools 3-4 times a day. The diet doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’m only eating beef, pureed carrots, chicken soup, applesauce, and winter squash. I’m going insane eating like this! Can you help?”

Can you relate to this email?

Do you feel like the diet isn’t working for you anymore?

Are you frustrated because you’re only eating a few foods and still not feeling better? Do you feel “stuck” and ready to give up?

If so, there are 5 primary troubleshooting tips that could help you get “unstuck” and feeling like the diet is working again.

Troubleshooting is all about becoming your own “Health Engineer” and beginning to test and tweak your way out of this to get control of your symptoms. Troubleshooting is the difference between those people that heal and those people that never get better.

These are some of our best troubleshooting tips to get you started. [click to continue…]


 Kara Ferguson

Ahhhh, success stories – my favorite.

One of our core missions is to share powerful, real-life success stories with you that inspire hope…

The kind of stories that inspire people to FINALLY change their diet…

The kind of stories you read when you’re ready to give up…

The kind of stories that help you keep going, if only for just one more day.

And today, we’ve got another that I can’t wait to share with you!

Kara’s story will inspire you with how honest and caring she is. Sure, she wasn’t in the hospital with Crohn’s… but she was sick to her stomach every single day and struggling with bloating, fatigue, and alternating C & D.

Not only that, but she was willing to share the emotional side of things and what it’s really like to change your life, fully choosing health day in and day out.

Kara… you’re amazing! Thank you for being willing to step up and spread awareness about the healing power of eating real food.

Without further ado, here is her story… [click to continue…]



Are you wearing an invisible lab coat?

If you’re a health practitioner (or one your way to becoming one), take a second to look down at your outfit right now…  what do you see? Well, you won’t see an invisible lab coat… but you might notice that you’re not as successful as you want to be.

If you’re not overwhelmed with clients beating down your door for help right now, that’s a problem.

Here’s the thing: There are more chronically sick people now than ever; the United States CDC reports that about HALF of adults (117 Million people) have at least 1 chronic disease.

If you include things like IBS, PMS and all the other unrecognized medical conditions by the CDC, the number is likely higher.

There’s plenty of sick people to help, so why aren’t you dealing with the problem of “too many clients” instead of not enough?

Simply put, you’re wearing an invisible lab coat that most health practitioners are “born with” when they start helping people…

Why The Invisible Lab Coat?

Here’s the problem: all these sick people across the world are seeking help from experts like you and they’re not getting it…

Why aren’t these people getting the help they need?

It’s simple…

All those sick people in the world, the one’s actively looking for help…

The ones who desperately need you…

They can’t find you.

They’re searching for you…

They know they need your help…

But they can’t find you.

In fact, we surveyed 4,000 health coaches and practitioners and they shared that same problem with their current practice…

Everyone said their #1 frustration was “Getting Clients and Marketing.”

We affectionately call it wearing the “Invisible Lab Coat”… [click to continue…]

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As I laid out in the first video of the new year, we want to support you in taking action this year. But, there are seeds that must first be planted when starting out on any health journey.

See, we’re making it our mission, more than ever, to produce content that gets your engines firing. And we’re providing you with premium octane fuel to do so…

Because millions of people are just barely running on fumes, for a variety of reasons… a big one being Autoimmune Diseases. And I want you to know that, contrary to popular belief, these diseases are not normal…

Autoimmune Disease is on the rise and affecting millions more each year.

That’s why we’re running this online presentation to raise awareness.

But as Dr. Amy Myers explains in our podcast today, a combination of factors have led most people to believe Autoimmunity is just part of aging and there’s nothing we can do to stop it once it starts…

Well, if you missed this post, I’ve got news for you. Experts are shouting louder and LOUDER from the rooftops: YOU CAN REVERSE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE!!!

I can’t wait for you to LISTEN to today’s brand new podcast with Dr. Amy Myers.

The last time we had her on, she blew our minds with her talk on detoxification, toxins and mold

This podcast on Autoimmune Disease is just as powerful. [click to continue…]


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