Have you seen the show American Ninja Warrior?

These women and men are doing things that are mind blowing! Watch this short clip or this one.

As humans, we are fascinated by athletes, celebrities and others who do the seemingly impossible.

But this phenomenon extends beyond events, into our everyday lives.


Because most of us are just waiting for someone to show us what’s possible.

That’s what shows like American Ninja Warrior do. They stir something deep inside of us that proves to us what’s possible.

I know you know someone who…

… has lost 20 or 30 plus pounds.

… got that high-ranking job that should have been impossible.

… got out of massive debt.

Or like our guest poster, Stacey, who resolve their complex and painful health issues, which is just as amazing as any of the feats on American Ninja Warrior.

It takes dedication, courage, and determination to figure out your health issues and get rid of them. There’s no easy button. It’s one of two choices (1) hard work or (2) a lifetime of worsening symptoms, pills and doctor bills.

I so appreciate you Stacey for opening your heart and life for all of us to be inspired by. And I hope that you the reader are inspired to be next — next to tell your story, next to start the hard work and next to learn what it’s like to get your energy and health back.

Will you be next (free NEW webinar here)?

[Enter Stacey]

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Is it possible to never get glutened when eating out?

Anything is possible and I’ll show you the 100% way near the end of this article, but you may not like it.  

Let’s get clear on one thing first: 99% success is possible… you better believe it. But I have to warn you. If you want this kind of certainty, clarity, and success rate, you have to be willing to dive deep down the rabbit hole with me.

Are you willing?

Okay, great! Let’s go. [click to continue…]



Do you feel confused because there is just so much conflicting hormone information out there?

Are you struggling with sugar cravings, low energy, and feeling that you’re rushing all the time?

If so, our friend Sara is about to change your life…

You may have already heard of our good friend, Harvard-educated doc, and bestselling author Dr. Sara Gottfried MD.

Dr. Sara is an expert who understands that hormonal imbalances are behind your belly fat and low energy.

We used to think, like Dr. Sara did when she started medical school more than two decades ago, that fatigue and low energy was something in your “head.”

Turns out the truth is hormonal: your hormones dictate what your body does with food. [click to continue…]



Imagine it’s the year 2050… and through a series of events, you’ve been put in charge of one of the most sophisticated defense systems in the universe…

A force like something we’ve never seen before – capable of immense offensive firepower, intricate defense networks, and even a self-destruction mode.  

Some are calling it the most dangerous and powerful technology of its kind.

Many are scared of its ability to develop weapons for enemies that don’t even exist yet… adapting on the fly to discover its weak spot and destroy it, unleashing whatever firepower it takes.

This technology could be used for good and protect humans from unimaginable threats, insuring we survive for lifetimes…

Or it could fall into the wrong hands and be used for evil…

And no one will be able to stop it.

It’s up to you, what happens next. With that kind of power at your fingertips, what will you do?

Will you use this tool for the good of the human race?

Or will you make different choices… unleashing the power of this weapon for evil, and destroy everything in its path?

You’re in Charge of the Most Powerful Weapon in the Universe

This story isn’t fiction.  

In fact, it’s way more real than you might know. The truth is you’re already in control of one of the most sophisticated weapons known to man.

It’s an adaptive technology unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Its powerful ability to protect and kill is something we still don’t fully understand.

And the most chilling thing of all… it’s active inside your body right now.

This futuristic weapon is your immune system… and you’re already in control of it. During this article, I’m going to show you how this weapon works, so you can decide how to use it going forward. [click to continue…]

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“Ewwww, does that mean my poop is leaking into my body?”

Only those of you dealing with chronic gut issues can appreciate a questions like that.

But it’s actually a question that came up for me when I first learned about leaky gut.

Back then I was struggling with chronic constipation and low energy, I was still trying to figure out my health and “Leaky Gut” sounded pretty darn weird to me.

Now, after years of studying it, that simplistic question isn’t far from the truth. Here is what concerns me most: leaky gut syndrome is a huge part of why autoimmune disease starts and if left unfixed can be part of why the symptoms keep getting worse.

So, then the question becomes how do we heal a leaky gut? We believe a pleiotropic approach is necessary, which means you must approach healing from several angles at once to actually flip the body back to health. This includes making dietary changes, adding supplements, reducing stressors and correcting underlying root causes of disease.  

And when it comes to supplements, L-Glutamine is one of the most talked about for digestive health. At this point, the research is pretty clear on L-Glutamine being a very valuable supplement for anyone dealing with chronic health issues.  

Whether it works to help fix your gut wall, helps you sleep better, helps you recover from exercise or helps reduce cravings, it’s a very safe, cheap and readily available supplement to think about trying.  

I’ve used it on and off for over 15 years for various purposes, have watched it work in consulting clients and also seen it NOT work. I think there’s actually an art to using it and I’ve got some very simple do’s and don’ts that everyone should be aware of.   [click to continue…]