We get a lot of questions every day about our Solving Leaky Gut Program. But one that always stands out to me is “Steve and Jordan, I don’t have Crohn’s or Celiac or Ulcerative colitis… but I just always feel terrible, can your Solving Leaky Gut Program help me too?”

This question breaks my heart.

Here’s why: essentially what people are asking is “Am I sick enough? Is taking responsibility for my health worth the time, money, and energy it’s going to take?””

But rather than tell you about what I think, let me answer everyone by introducing you to Teresa.

Teresa is a wife, mom, and elementary school teacher. For years, she suffered with the frustrating symptoms of IBS – bloating, gas, and alternating constipation and diarrhea – as well as hormonal issues, her entire adulthood.

But then, last year, Teresa took a stand against feeling bloated and gassy every time she ate, running for the bathroom, unwanted weight gain, and hormonal issues by joining Solving Leaky Gut.

And six months after starting our Solving Leaky Gut program, her IBS symptoms are a thing of the past. Her hormones are improving AND she’s lost weight effortlessly.

To everyone who thinks they aren’t “sick enough” to be ready for a program like Solving Leaky Gut – you don’t have to settle for a life of suffering. You deserve to feel great, like Teresa does now.

[Enter Teresa]

Looking Back, My Problems Probably Started At a Young Age

I know that hormonally, I’ve always had struggles, but I never associated any of that with my gut, until now. My digestive issues began to show themselves when I was in my twenties. I noticed that when in stressful situations, I would become severely constipated to the point where I was told once, “You look green.”

I decided I needed to do something because those instances of constipation were followed by bouts of diarrhea. I went to the doctor where I was quickly diagnosed with a classic case of IBS according to my physician. He prescribed me medication to help with the pain, but when I read the side effects, constipation was one of them.

Wait! Isn’t that why I was in pain?

I only used the medication a few times before I realized I needed to find another answer to my problem.

I was noticing that soda seemed to give me problems, too, so I started by adding more fiber by using Fibercon and removing soda from my life. I began exercising on a more regular basis as well to help with the stress. All of these things helped, and I was fine for years.

Fast-Forward to My Thirties

I started to notice I was becoming bloated and gassy after eating lunch which usually consisted of a Lean Cuisine or a sandwich made with processed lunch meat. I had used Weight Watchers to lose weight, and these lunch items were easy ways to count points.

I also had stress with my young daughter who was struggling at preschool. I would receive phone calls at work that I needed to come and pick her up because of a problem, and I would immediately need a bathroom.

I knew I needed to change my diet, so I started eating a clean diet, but I still ate grains and nuts. I had mixed results. I felt better, and I had lost 9 pounds in a month, but I still had bloating and gas after lunch.

The clean eating was interrupted by the death of my grandmother and father within a month of each other causing me to not care what I was putting in my mouth, and consequently my gut. I was also taking an antidepressant at this time.

I was gaining weight quickly and was back up to my weight before my Weight Watchers loss within a year and a half. Of course, the bloating, gas, and bowel problems were also getting worse.

I Finally Hit a Wall Last December

I was worrying every day about passing gas amongst my fifth graders and not making it to the bathroom at recess, lunch, and after school in time.

I knew something wasn’t right with my gut, and then I found the Solving Leaky Gut website. I couldn’t afford all of the supplements, but I felt I had to do something. I simply could not continue to struggle, though, so I started with the Constipation Protocol Supplements and the diet.

Getting started on SLG was a little rough – it was a big transition! But I had support from the SLG community. The Facebook Support page truly helped me to see that others were struggling with similar issues, and it also showed me that I needed to take care of my problems now!


(Here’s the recipe that was suggested to me in the group.)

I Stuck with the Diet Though (and My Perseverance Paid Off)


After just 30 days on the Rebuild diet, I saw major improvements in all aspects of my health. I was ready to start reintroductions.


My first reintroduction of eggs was a big success, but my second try – nuts – didn’t go as smoothly. I had the group there for feedback and suggestions for what to do when I was ready to try nuts again, though.


After realizing the quality of nuts I was eating made a big difference, I was ready to try nightshades. At first it seemed like nightshades would be a problem, too…


But perseverance and following the rules for reintroduction led to success after all!


I even was able to begin reintroducing my favorite foods, like dark chocolate.


I Learned How Stress (Not Just What I Ate) Impacted My Symptoms

I used techniques for relaxation and self care from SLG to better manage stress and anxiety.


As I transitioned to the Living Diet, I learned how to integrate my new way of eating into my old traditions – like birthday cake!


After 90 days on the SLG – well, I’ll let this post speak for itself:


But Solving Leaky Gut isn’t just a 90-day diet – it is a new way of living.


I Have Been on the SLG Diet Now for 6 Months

And although I don’t feel I’m completely healed, I do feel amazing.

The gas and bloating are a rare occurrence, only happening when I eat something I shouldn’t. My bowel movements are between 1-3 per day, and are usually the right number on the scale.

As a bonus, I’ve lost what I refer to as the “Papa Pounds,” my skin is so healthy even my facialist has noticed, and my hormones are improving.

I still struggle with family and friends not completely understanding what I’m going through and why I’m not eating certain foods, but some are very supportive. I’m learning daily how to make this lifestyle work, and I’m so appreciative for this community and all of its support.

[Enter Jordan]

Thank you Teresa for being so candid with everyone in the Solving Leaky Gut Private Community over the last several months and for being brave enough to share your story with the rest of the world.

If you, the reader, are suffering with “IBS symptoms,” like gas and bloating, diarrhea or constipation – or you have hormonal issues, unwanted weight, or fatigue – this isn’t “normal” and it isn’t “just part of getting older.” These could be the subtle clues from your body telling you to heal your gut.

Ultimately, you get to decide… but I’d like to encourage you to stop ignoring the subtle clues your body is giving you. Your future self will thank you for not allowing things to turn into a life threatening situation.

If you’re ready to experience the kind of change Teresa did, you can learn more about the Solving Leaky Gut program here:


In good health,



Family at table

“I’m hungry” may be the most well-known words to any mom or caregiver on the planet. I used to strongly dislike those words. And I do mean strongly.

Chaos, madness, stress, frustration, guilt…

Sound familiar, when trying to cook healthy meals for your whole family?

Before I finally figured out a better way, these words and emotions stuck with me, day in and day out.

And one particular moment sticks out in my mind (of which you might be able to relate to). [click to continue…]

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You know the saying “Too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing”?

It applies in so many situations – but there’s usually an exception to any rule.

And so as I write this, I’m asking myself, “Is it possible to ever have too many success stories?”

Nope, especially this day in age with all the bad news we’re being fed 24/7.

See, back when I was sick, I couldn’t get enough of success stories. After my family went to bed, I’d stay up reading.

To read about someone with similar symptoms who had overcome them infused me with peace and gave my perseverance a boost – if they could do it, I knew I could too.

Though I’ve regained my health, I still love sharing and reading success stories. I hope that stories, like this one about our friend Rebecca, can have the same impact on you as they did on me years ago.

After 25 years of digestive symptoms from Celiac disease that kept her trapped at home while her kids were growing up, Rebecca found relief after just 4 days on SCD.

5 months later, she’s continuing to improve and embrace life again after years of isolation and embarrassment.

If you’re ready to see a transformation like Rebecca did, read on below and check out our SCD Lifestyle eBook. [click to continue…]

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The year was 2003 and it was supposed to be one of the best years of my life. I had anticipated it for so long that my expectations were through the roof. This was the year I was supposed to see all my hard work pay off on the basketball court, living out my Division 1 college dream.

I can still recall the first day of practice. My emotions were high, masking what I was really feeling inside.

What I was really feeling was pain… A LOT of it.

My stomach was cramping. my legs felt like bricks. I was exhausted and my muscles were so sore I wasn’t sure how I was going to continue physically exerting myself for the next 2 hours, let alone the next 4 years.

I chalked it up to not being tip top shape, lack of sleep and nerves. I knew tomorrow would be better; it had to be.

But it wasn’t… not even close! [click to continue…]

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3 Electrolyte drinks-4

Imagine it’s a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining, there’s a little breeze to keep you cool, not a cloud in the sky, and you’re… sitting on the toilet.

Yep, another summer day and you’re trapped in the bathroom with diarrhea or constipation.

Summer is for enjoying the outdoors, barbecuing, and sipping a cold drink – not for suffering on the toilet.

But whether you can’t go or can’t stop going, you likely have one issue in common: dehydration.

And more time in the bathroom isn’t the only side effect of dehydration. Being dehydrated impacts every aspect of your life.

At work…

  • You might have a hard time concentrating
  • You might head to the vending machine at 2 PM (when you’re actually thirsty, not hungry!)
  • Your legs might feel restless
  • When you stand up at the end of the day, you might feel dizzy or lightheaded

At home…

  • You might be too fatigued to play with your kids
  • If you try to workout, you’ll find you get tired more quickly than usual
  • If you make it through that workout, you’ll be sore for days
  • You can sit on the couch all night – not just because you’re tired but because you never need to get up to go to the bathroom
  • You wake up in the night with charley horse cramps

And if you don’t address these signs of dehydration early on, you can experience severe reactions like heat stroke, seizures, and even comas.

If you want to support your body in healing, and feel amazing, you have to get and stay hydrated.

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