Remember why you startedMaybe today just isn’t your day.  Maybe you’re feeling beat up, like life’s just giving you more than you can handle.

Maybe today, you’re feeling like giving up…

If so, I’ve got your back.  I’ve been there.  And I’m not going to let you quit today.

Today, I’ve collected 5 of the most emotional, inspirational, and moving videos I’ve ever shot.

Today, I’m giving you a dose of inspiration to keep going another day.

Always remember: those people that succeed are not better than you, or smarter than you, or luckier than you.  The only reason they’re successful is because they just never gave up.  Today… remember that you’re not going to give up… and watch these videos.

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Is Gluten Free Dangerous?

When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2007, I had no idea what gluten-free food was. I’d never heard of it before and I definitely didn’t know where to buy it.

But at the time, sales of gluten-free food were on the rise and had just reached $926 Million. (1 PPT)

Fast forward to 2013, where SPINS, a market research firm that covers the natural product industry, reported a total of $12.4 billion in gluten-free sales during the 52 weeks leading up to August 4, 2012. (2)

(That’s 13.4X growth in 5 years!)

The “gluten-free” food industry is making a TON of money, while conditions like Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are trending on Twitter and gaining more awareness each year.

TIME labeled the gluten-free movement #2 on its top 10 list of food trends for 2012…

Not only that, Domino’s now serves gluten-free pizza…

Dunkin’ Donuts is developing a gluten-free donut

Chelsea Clinton had a gluten-free wedding cake…

Gwyneth Paltrow included gluten-free recipes in her new cookbook, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck built her “G-Free Diet” brand…

The list goes on and on.

Gluten-Free Food Isn’t Just for Health Food Stores Anymore

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A friend of mine lost 80 pounds. Everyone whispered behind his back about how proud they were of him.

It was sad…

Because no one was telling him how much of an inspiration he was, how good he was looking and how he was forcing our friends to examine their health.

He never heard his impact on us.

And it dawned on me that most of us never truthfully hear the impact we have on the people around us.

We are Batman, Superwoman, Heroes…

You are a hero. I am a hero. Jordan is a hero.

Our costumes resemble our everyday clothes, our gadgets are mostly supplements, and our capes are the positive energy vibes that our health struggles reverberate through the world.

Do you believe me? Is it hard to believe that YOU – yes – you are a hero?

I couldn’t really accept it for many years, so I get it if you’re denying it, if you’re shaking your head or even getting mad at me.

But keep reading. Because that energy is an indication that I’m on to something. Soon, I hope you’ll see that you’ve unknowingly started to become an unsung hero. [click to continue…]

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Our bodies are made up of cells, which are made up of biomolecules consisting of things like mitochondria, nucleus and other organelles.

A couple levels deeper, we find out these are made of atoms. And atoms are made up of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons. These subatomic particles fascinatingly cannot be destroyed or created, which leaves us with some particularly interesting connections…

Like we might be made up of atoms from other dead humans, or trees or who knows…

Like we might be all connected at some very deep universal level…

Connections in the body aren’t nearly as hard to wrap your head around.

At first glance, it might seem unlikely that stomach issues, skin issues and inflammatory joint autoimmune diseases are related. But if you’ve been following us for any length of time, then it’s likely not a surprise.

And if you can begin to see the interconnectedness of the symptoms, I bet you won’t be surprised to see the same kind of changes help all of them. [click to continue…]

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I awoke to the waves lapping the stones below our balcony. The sun was blindingly hot at 9:00 am, but a cool breeze allowed me to sip my Kona coffee on the lani.

Later, I played tennis with Jordan and hopped in the pool to cool down.

Then it was work time. We wrote emails, blog posts, handled customer service issues and had a meeting with our business consultant. After 4 hours, it was time to have a glass of wine, make an amazing dinner and relax as the sun set over the Ocean.

That’s how I spent my birthday last year, in Kona, Hawaii. It was pretty amazing, but it wasn’t always like this…

I’m not trying to brag. Actually, I’m trying to be as transparent as possible with the hopes that you’ll understand something very important – more on that in a bit. [click to continue…]